Dream Journal: 2018-01-11.01

I fell through a thousand worlds. Through winters and summers. Through solid rock and open skies. Silks and furs and iron couldn’t hold me. Plastics and biofilms and networks couldn’t catch me.

I had no place in any of them.

I fell through a thousand worlds in the blink of an eye and landed on my feet with a splash. The water embraced my feet and ankles as I came to terms with the sudden stillness. The ground underneath me accepted the burden of my arrival and held firm.

I stood.

Spanish moss hung from the unmoving trees that framed my view no matter where I looked. A pair of eyes reflected my wonder before blinking under the surface. The gator moved indifferently into depths I could not see. The damp air covered me with the scent of tenacity that could be the striving of life or the patience of death.

I recognized what world I had fallen into and smiled. It has been a long time since I was in the swamp. Even though I did not recognize a single tree, current, or marker, and had no idea how to get to the places I did know of, I was comforted to be here just the same.

I would not be in the Swamp if the Swamp’s master did not allow it.

I just have to find a different way to his table from where I have found myself.

I meant to take a step to begin that journey. Suddenly exhausted, I fainted and fell where I stood.

The mud caught me as if to say that I will fall through no longer. The water covered my face and the dream ended.