It’s another day that ends with “Y”

And my bullshit never ceased. I just stopped talking publicly about it.

Some of my shenanigans involve other people. (Living ones, even!) And out of respect for them, I am saying nothing.

Some of my shenanigans involve systems that other people believe I have no right to because it offends their personal sense of world order. I really don’t feel like throwing pearls, even papier mâché ones, before them anymore.

Some of my shenanigans are “safe for public review”, but just because it’s okay to post doesn’t mean I’m obligated to. No one has a divine right and/or manifest destiny granting them access to me. It’s not about “keeping secrets”, “playing coy”, or even the joy of slamming a digital door in someone’s digital face. It’s about boundaries, and enforcing those boundaries.

Some of my shenanigans involve entities that require more than a pop-culture understanding to even consider. And the more I understand what I’m getting into (read: being dragged into), the more I realize why some things are best written on the bathroom walls and why some things are best not written at all.

It’s a wild ride, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. 

I’m just being very selective about who to bring along now.

Having said that, I’m still open for communication and dialogue. It doesn’t have to be public. So any time you want to ask about a scene, character, and/or action in my writings, you’re more than welcome to ask me about it rather than depending on that person who claims to know all about me and has insider access to my work.

(Also, this is your warning that I’mma be jumping into the #DoMagick December 2018 challenge of “Talismans”. Which means a daily post for 30 consecutive days, so those of you who complain that I had abandoned this blog will be satisfied, and those of you who complain that I still exist will have more to complain about.😘)