Journal: May 8, 2010, 12:45. Venus

The vision incurred by stepping where I had no business to.

Venus, Bright Star of Heaven, Glory of Womanhood! She did embrace me completely and sweep me up into her wake. As Hathor did I speak the words of Venus. She draped her light about my arms as a feathered cloak, and the Uraeus upon my head did become a headdress of 18 snakes draped over head and shoulders. As Hathor, did I open my mouth and speak:

(Before my eyes, I saw a vision of multitudes of heavy chains)
The Woman is bound! Release Her!
(A vision of a healthy naked, black skinned woman, bound in heavy chains. The weight prevents her from rising off her knees, but she struggles against them fiercely and with determination.)
Her path is not yours to decide.
Undo Her fetters completely!
If She moves, it is by Her will.
If She remains, it is by Her will.
(The vision moves to Her face, it is familiar to me. Her skin is black as darkest night. Her eyes glow with power and the iris is silver. The face grimaces in simmering anger.)
She shall be free. One way or another.
It will be better for you, that you release Her.
For if She releases Herself, She will destroy you completely.
Free the Woman bound!

The form of Hathor-Venus lifts off of me. I saw Her standing before me, Her arms outstretched over me. “The words are spoken. Depart.”

The vision ends abruptly, I scramble for journal and pencil and write all I saw before the memory fades. I note the time, what felt like 5 minutes of experience had been 45 minutes of passing.