Life Is Good

“What the hell is that?” He shrunk back from the tchothcke she had just unwrapped and placed delightedly on the desk in front of him.

“This?” She was quite cheerful about it. “Isn’t it cute?” She patted it gingerly.

“Cute? It’s a monstrosity! A shrunken head? Thank god, it’s a replica!” He shivered in reflex. Continue reading “Life Is Good”

Practical Distinctions

So, there’s a blog anthology site I contribute to called Practical Pagans. And there is a podcast show starting next week called Practical Druidry. The two are NOT related.

Practical Pagans has contributions from pagan bloggers of many different paths, temperaments, and viewpoints. Our resident druids are Blackbird O’Connell and Morgan Daimler.

Practical Druidry is the mouthpiece of one Charlton Hall, the very same one that threatened Patheos’ Star Foster and author Kenaz Filan.

Just wanted to formally make the distinction.

Practical Pagans:


“Oh, there you are.” He looked up at the sound of her voice. Nervously, he tried to cover the paper he was writing on with his hands. Which only focused her attention on the scribbles and marks. “What are you doing?” When he stuttered, she looked up at his face. “And why are you so flushed? Are you getting sick?” Continue reading “Operation”

A Fine Day For A Hanging

Another day, another town. I really didn’t stop to look what the name of this one was. Even if I did learn it, it would be forgotten by the time I was on the main street of the next town. I noted the dress of the locals varied from 1950’s American Suburbia to Old West calico dresses and suits. Judging from some of the looks the locals gave me, their social displays were also kept behind modern times. Continue reading “A Fine Day For A Hanging”