Seal Framework

I’ve been busy doing more than just playing at system administrator. I took the lessons from previous dreams and put them to paper as a rough sketch, then to a graphics program for more precise placement. More specifically, the geometry lessons I received in my dreams.

I won’t bore you with minutiae, I’ll just jump straight to the image in progress.

Completed FrameworkClick on the thumbnail for the full size image. (It’s 800×650) If you look carefully, you’ll see a teeny dot in the dead center of the seal. That dot is intentional. Don’t ask me why, I’m still learning this stuff myself.

Not much else to say about it really. It’s a work in progress.

(Edited: 26 Feb 2011 6:45pm PST) Speaking of works in progress… I added a detail that I left out last night in my eagerness to finish at a reasonable time. Rather than post another ten word post with a new thumbnail, I’ll just change this post to point to the proper one instead.