Some New Old Stuff

Cleaning out some unnecessary files, I came across a dream archive I had posted at a forum a few years back. When my participation on the forum went south, I made a backup of the posts and filed them away.

Because the writeups have been posted to their original dates, they will not show up in the RSS feed. So, if you’re curious, you can see the new old stuff following the links below

There are a few others that didn’t get (re)posted. Most of those held back were verbal masturbation. One in particular involved “non-consensual sex acts”. Almost two years after dreaming it, and just reading it and remembering the scenes sent such waves of disgust that I almost vomited at the table. Some who have read it (by their request) tell me I am over-reacting. For some reason, I can’t bear to delete the writeup. So, I’ll leave it up to you. Drop me a line if you’re curious about “Nothing Good”, but I will not post it in public.

Of course, in all my searching, I still didn’t find the specific writeup I was looking for. If you saw my tweets this morning, you may have caught reference to “Ravenwoman”. She’s appeared before, but without the feathers. I was hoping to compare the changes over time.

Oh well, since I can’t find the past, I’d better post this and get busy with the present.