Spirit Journal: 2017-05-05.01

The clouds looked brushed across the morning sky as if by a great hand with greater sweeps. I thought nothing of them as I merged onto the freeway on my way to work.

An idle brain does idle things, and clouds were made for wishes anyway, so no wonder I started to see patterns in the streaks of water vapor so far up in the sky.

No wonder then that my response to seeing an angel dominating the sky before me was, “Sure. Why not?” Continue reading “Spirit Journal: 2017-05-05.01”

Spirit Journal: 2017-04-19.01

I wasn’t reaching for an answer. I wasn’t reaching for an acknowledgement. I wasn’t reaching for confirmation or a rebuttal or a rebuke or a reason. I just wanted to “stretch”. The only way to recover old skills long dormant is to use them again, after all. I had no expectation of actually doing anything.

What mattered is that I tried to do anything at all. Isn’t there a saying that “God will meet you halfway if you only but try.” ? Continue reading “Spirit Journal: 2017-04-19.01”

Dream Journal: 2015-07-10.01

A short dream from last night. Quite straightforward and no (obvious) woo involved, but that it has stuck with me despite the chaos of the day usually means I’m missing something in plain sight.

As the dream opens, I’m at work, having picked up my purse for some reason. In the purse were two rosaries, the one that was the token of the covenant, and a second that was set aside for heretical academic reasons. However I had not had a chance to use the second rosary just yet and was carrying it to remind me to catch up on my nefariousness. Continue reading “Dream Journal: 2015-07-10.01”

Quite Simple, Actually

The other day I managed to break the script the Fearless Legion followed in welcoming (and ejecting) me from their realm. While their commander brought the encounter to its predictable end (and in a snap, at that), I did not leave empty handed.

If I was going to go through the Warring Fields of Geburah to step foot on the Path of Teth, I would need authorization from the Lord of the Path of Teth, first.

Would have been nice to know several months ago. But now I have a different problem.

I can’t go there without permission. But I can’t get permission unless I go there! Right? Continue reading “Quite Simple, Actually”

Dream Journal: 2014-08-12.01

Socheniel has often reminded me what gentleness is. That strength does not have to be abusive. That power does not have to crush. His blight-stained hands are soft. Just simply sitting beside him is a comfort.

I keep forgetting just what Socheniel is.

I have seen him in the robes of his office. I have watched his wings become grander and blacker* over time as he was swept up in the embrace of a different aspect of his divinity. I have seen the war-scythe he wields, and have tasted the scent of destruction in his wake. The flame above his brow is always there, even when he tries to shield me from it. He is truly a servant of that one god that I am still hostile towards. But I am not afraid of him.

I should be. Continue reading “Dream Journal: 2014-08-12.01”

Dream Journal: 2014-07-27.01

Omens and portents

That would be last night’s dream of me assembling various tools and devotional items for other people. Occasionally the god(s) or guiding spirit(s) of the person whose tool I was working on would stop by to adjust my work as needed. Once the tool was done, it would be packed up by other helpers and sent on its way to the end user. Continue reading “Dream Journal: 2014-07-27.01”