Iron and Ash

It’s thundering and lightning outside. The storm rolling in is warning everyone to take cover before it strikes. The fast moving storm is actually carrying very little moisture, so flooding is not a concern this time.

Getting struck by the lightning it is brandishing about, is.

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Dream Journal: 2015-10-13.01

Was gonna post a little bit of my first encounter with the “Antler-Crowned, Green Masked Figure” in several years, but as I was scrolling through my broken dash (Fuck Recommended Posts on the mobile app. This shit is broken, Tumblr!), I came across a post that said too much of what I don’t want to talk about (yet) and revealed too much of what I did not understand the first time around but is now as plain as dry bones in the sun.

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Dream Journal: 2015-10-08.02

“Sacrifice.” That’s the “missing” Ingwaz rune to me. Not senseless sacrifice, though. It’s the sacrifice of the seed to the ground for the harvest later. It’s the sacrifice of the first born of the herd to assure the rest of the lambing season is prosperous. It is the sacrifice of something you have now, so you will have something (usually more) later.

So where did “antler crowned figure” come from? Well, there were these series of dreams see… (Stop rolling your eyes, you voluntarily followed me, you know.) Where I learned my particular (read: bastardized) interpretation of Ingwaz from a tall male figure who wore a mask of green [leaves] and bore a pair of grand antlers on his head. If those horns were headdress or firmly attached, I never was able to see.

There was a flurry of activity with that stoic gent, and then business was concluded and I went on to the next rune and the next set of adventures. As an aside, this is also where I was introduced to Esse, but not as the tall svartalf asshole I know him now, but as a squat and visually nonthreatening dverg.

It has been years since I last saw that antler crowned figure. But the season of the year, my release from Esse’s “influence”, and Odin’s directive is giving me an push to seek him out again.

But this time, I have no reason to enter his grove and nothing that I can offer in sacrifice for his attention.

Alright, Old Man, you’re up to some shit and I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Dream: Breaking The Bindrune

Laid down for an afternoon nap. The past couple nights have not been kind to me, and I needed a quick recharge. I laid down in my bed, alone in the house. The sound suddenly shifts around me, the air becomes cooler, and I get the sense I am not alone.

I reach out and feel I am laying on a bundle of freshly cut branches, covered with a cloth. I didn’t remember falling asleep. I merely closed my eyes and I was no longer in my home.

Opening my eyes, I prop on one arm to see I am laying on a green cloth, but with my pillow and my blanket with me. I hear a noise over me and turn towards the source.

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