Spirit Journal: 2017-04-16.01

The theme of Nature versus Nurture comes up a lot in my writings lately. Not all of my dreams involving conflict between established traditions (Nurture) and personal abilities (Nature) are mere flights of fantasy. My immediate relatives reject me based on lack of a shared culture that was intentionally denied me (Nurture), but my ancestral chain going from Great Aunt Mabel™ and up are reaching out and seizing me anyway (Nature).

There is a lot to be said for initiatory traditions, sincere initiations, and formal education in paths, histories, and workflows that keep a (sub)culture alive. But a good number of those avenues are closed off to me, either by malicious intent or lack of disposable income. There is no “nurturing” to be had. I’m on my own. Continue reading “Spirit Journal: 2017-04-16.01”

Path of Teth update: 2014-12-21.01

Every time I set out to get my [dream version of the] wand back from the Path of Teth, something always fucking happens, and I am either kicked out of the process or prevented from even starting in the first place.

This post serves no other purpose than to profusely bitch about it while laughing because the Path of Teth is the Strength card in the tarot’s Major Arcana. You know…


Which is exemplified by an enduring resolve, and the unwavering commitment to the goal/process despite all setbacks encountered and all discouragement served by others.

So, while it seems I haven’t made any actual process towards the Path of Teth, I would like to posit that I have been on it from the day I committed to following through.

Unlike my other Tree of Life endeavors which have been all in “meditations” (and shit), this has been playing out in the waking world day by day, in a thousand boring moments when I realize how much I have not done, how much I am actually capable of doing, but still decide to continue doing the thing anyway.

And isn’t that fortitude?

When you look at the odds and the amount of work to be done and you do it anyway?

I’m doing it.

Don’t know how. But I’m doing it.

Some Advice

Warning: Keri is full on bitching and ranting. Proceed at your own risk.

“If you don’t want your sacred cow roasted, don’t let it wander the Internet.”

“There will always be someone that claims to know more than you do, is eager to show how much more, and will do their damndest to convince you that orb of polished shit is really gold.” Continue reading “Some Advice”

Pagan? Me?

By denotation, I’m pagan.

1. one of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks.
2. a person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim.
(source: dictionary.com: pagan)

By (popular) connotation, I’m not. Looking at how the word is used today, the understood definition of “pagan” is “a solitary Wiccan, or a witch not associated with a tradition”. The way the word has been presented to me in usage prompts a few more diatribes, but I don’t feel like race-baiting today.

By hell, I’ve stopped giving a shit. It finally sunk in that the only way to make such a label apply to me, is to willfully deny those parts of me that are emerging in favor of yet another construct. There is no sense in me continuing to tilt against this windmill. I am, what I am. And I’ll do, what I do. And I’m happy to have that. I don’t have to justify myself to others, or prove how (not) pagan I am.

Besides, to hear from most people that respond to my posts, I’m full of shit anyways and giving the Craft a bad name. So I’m sure my detractors are celebrating I can’t besmirch them anymore. They’ll only have themselves to blame.