Sounding The Current: Chapter 5 – Judgement Call

“So how long do you think you’ll be able to keep running? I mean, this is a nice fantasy you’ve built up for yourself, but do you really think that this mystical bullshit is going to stop you from running out of money?”

Lisa looked up from the table where the cards from her fancy deck was spread out in a line before her. Seated across the bare steel table was a person in black robes wearing a mask that was her face. Lisa blinked as she realized that the mask looked and moved like human flesh, but was clearly something that the figure was wearing.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Lisa looked around. A vaguely perceived mist surrounded her little table. There was no light source but she could see clearly in the little space that she was occupying. Looking down, she saw the floor was polished such that it was a perfect mirror. In the reflection she saw the floor of the coffee house near her apartment.

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Sounding The Current: Chapter 4 – What Foolishness

Lisa stood at the table holding the Fool card for several minutes. The card wavered and trembled as nothing else happened. She dropped the card on the table, stared at the two decks of cards, then swept everything off the table and crumpled into the chair.

“What the flying fuck am I doing? Talking to a card like it’s going to talk back. Of course I’m dreaming about being judged, my life is falling apart! And this… fucking bullshit… is only a distraction and it’s not a fun one. Fuck this. I’m out.”

Lisa stormed away from the kitchen back to her bedroom, tromping over cards, paper, and blanket as she went. She may not have a job today, but there are people whose goodwill can be crashed upon and people who can be a source of fun and people who are both.

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Sounding The Current: Chapter 3 – Worldview

Lisa waited until she had finished her second cup of coffee before opening the package. If it wasn’t for Rebecca’s handwritten cards setting the expectation for how thin twenty-two cards could be, Lisa would have thought that she had been scammed with some stiff cardboard.

The outer wrapping was a letter size manila envelope that had been folded in thirds to provide extra protection to the thin box. And even then, the box was wrapped in a layer of thin bubble wrap that had been completely flattened by pressure. Lisa carefully peeled back the wrap and set that aside.

An empty flattened box acted as a stiffener and a third protective layer to some items that were not included in the actual tarot box itself. The listing claimed the contents were from a Kickstarter with all extra items included but the lister had never used the deck. From the way the items were layered in the package, Lisa guessed that the extra items included an extra tarot card and a smaller card that served as the creator’s calling card.

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Sounding The Current: Chapter 2 – Reflection

A pile of mail with a small, thin, brown wrapped package on top. The package has a customs declaration sticker on it that shows it was sent via Korea Post. However, the sticker is ripped and folded onto itself, so that the handwritten words "Tarot Deck" is partially obscured and the receipient's address is completely hidden. The side of the package has been cut open to preserve the wrapping as a protective covering of the contents.

Walking back to her apartment from the coffeehouse was twice as frustrating for Lisa as walking from her interview to the coffeehouse in the first place due to the turbulent wind in her face struggling with her boiling emotions for her attention. She was surprised that Rebecca did not say anything about how tangled her hair was or how dirty her jeans were. The more she reflected on how Rebecca had said nothing about her appearance, the more she realized that Rebecca was too classy to say anything about her appearance at all and that the lack of a comment was a comment itself.

“It’s not fair!” The wind took her words and discarded even the sound of them. “All I had to do was show up, she said. No one was supposed to actually ask me questions. Jean said everything was taken care of and all I had to do was walk in the door. If it wasn’t for THIS FUCKING WEATHER, I’d have a fucking job right now!”

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Sounding The Current: Chapter 1 – Syllabus

“You can put those away now. Halloween was yesterday. Today is Cheap Candy Day. Tomorrow is Christmas.” A brown slouch purse collapsed on the table as the purse bearer slouched into an uncomfortably bare steel chair. Her hands now free of their burden, one sought the pocket of her oversized denim jacket while the other pulled a time faded hood over her face. This pushed her wind-styled mess of hair to cover her face. She gladly hid behind the tangles while sighing how done she was with the world.

“Lemme guess, Lisa. It went to shit again.” Anyone who heard and understood the words would have instantly known that the speaker was the last person to be surprised that it had gone to shit again. If anything, it would be fair to infer that the speaker knew it would go to shit from the start and that it was Lisa who had to learn this the hard way.

Lisa said nothing as she slumped further into the chair. For what was an uncomfortably long minute to one and a satisfactorily long minute to the other, the only sound between the two people seated at the unadorned steel table were that of cards being slipped from a deck and those cards tapped onto the table.

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Sounding The Current – Masterpost

By popular request (read: the one person who asked), here is the masterpost for the NaNoWriMo 2019 project: “Sounding The Current” chapters. As I update each chapter, this post will be updated in turn. If you do not use an RSS reader, you can check this post for updates.

While the draft will always be available here, the finished book will be available for purchase under the title “A Light In The Darkness”. The book will soon currently available as a paperback and as a Kindle eBook through Amazon.

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