Sounding The Current – Masterpost

By popular request (read: the one person who asked), here is the masterpost for the NaNoWriMo 2019 project: “Sounding The Current” chapters. As I update each chapter, this post will be updated in turn. If you do not use an RSS reader, you can check this post for updates.

While the draft will always be available here, the finished book will be available for purchase under the title “A Light In The Darkness”. The book will soon currently available as a paperback and as a Kindle eBook through Amazon.

Chapter 1 – “Syllabus” After failing to pass the job interview, Lisa takes refuge in a coffee house to cry on Rebecca’s shoulder. Except Rebecca, a tarot reader, wasn’t here for any of Lisa’s shit tonight. Desperate to find a new source of income that didn’t require a lot of work, Lisa begs Rebecca to personally teach her how to read tarot. Instead, Rebecca gives her homework in the form of twenty-two hand labeled cards and a partial list of meanings and tells her to come back after reviewing them.

Chapter 2 – “Reflection” Lisa discovers that not all mirrors are made of glass when in a dream she is challenged by three judges for the right to have access to tarot. The decisions made during the dream have immediate waking world consequences.

Chapter 3 – “Worldview” The fancy deck arrives and stirs up more questions than Lisa can answer. Some of those questions strikes deep at Lisa’s sense of self. Lisa finds there is no night dark or deep enough to hide from the truth.

Chapter 4 – “What Foolishness” It’s not fair that Lisa keeps being judged by other people’s standards. It’s not like she put herself in this mess, right? She can’t help but be what others have made her to be, right?

Chapter 5 – “Judgement Call” Some say how we are in dreams are not how we are in wakefulness. In dreams, nothing holds us back and boundaries are an illusion. Right, Lisa?

Chapter 6 – “Sunny Day” No clouds were harmed in the writing of this chapter. Lisa’s confidence, however, was slightly bruised.

Chapter 7 – “A Different Light” The judge offered a different way of looking at things, a way that would keep things comfortable for Lisa as long as she gave up seeking anything more, like the truth.

Chapter 8 – “The Light of Hope” Lisa is not sure if she’s in the jar with Elpis or not. Either way, she knows now to examine the light she’s under before examining with it.

Chapter 9 – “Crumbling Away” Lisa learns the hard way that the cruelest liar she will ever face, is herself.

Chapter 10 – “Tug O’War” Lisa finds that the devil you know and love can be worse that the Devil itself.

Chapter 11 – “Restraining Order” Lisa learns that avoiding the thing doesn’t make it go away and that sometimes being an adult means being what you don’t like.

Chapter 12 – “Bloom” What is the difference between a symbol and what it represents? Lisa learns the difference between flowers and people.

Chapter 13 – “Airing Things Out” They call it dirty laundry but isn’t light a disinfectant? Lisa regards if an offer is worth swinging for.

Chapter 14 – “A Drink Served Cold” The offer is extended again along with someone’s neck. While Lisa considers if the second chance is worth it, she is given a truth about tarot.

Chapter 15 – “A Suffered Fool” Lisa begins to understand what she has to do to not only escape Aunt Helen, but to escape the life she has created for herself.

Chapter 16 – “Disclosure” Lisa understands how some fights are never truly over but that doesn’t mean you should give up and let them win. Sometimes you have to pick up new tools to build a different way out.

Chapter 17 – “The Lioness’s Den” Lisa puts theory to practice and starts taking her first steps as a mature adult. So of course that means she doesn’t do what the most adult in the room wants her to do.

Chapter 18 – “Pathwork” Jean takes Lisa on a detour to get something to eat and some questions. In the process, some things are revealed that complicates matters even more than they already are.

Chapter 19 – “Convergence” Lisa comes home with new memories to be confronted with old memories now unburied. Realizing her world is forever changed, Lisa mades the deliberate decision to embrace what has already embraced her.

Chapter 20 – “Heresy” Lisa’s online studies continues. But everyone online says her experiences aren’t real and her experiences say not everyone online is experienced.

Chapter 21 – “Occupation” Lisa finds herself given a role to play and a role to submit to. She discovers a role that suits her better, instead.

Chapter 22 – “Direction” Truth hurts, and betrayal hurts most of all. Cut off and isolated from everyone as a stranger determines Lisa’s fate, she uses what she has at hand to bring the focus to the same thing that’s hurting her.

Chapter 23 – “Sanctum” Lisa completes some severely overdue duties to herself and finds herself tasked to a different one altogether.

Chapter 24 – “Metamorphosis” Lisa finally encounters the personification of the last card, and in doing so, encounters the last piece of herself.

Chapter 25 – “Transition” Melissa moves on with her life as she continues to leave behind what was to embrace what is. The past catches up with the present and boundaries have to be reexamined one last time as the story comes to an end.

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