Dream Journal: 2015-08-29.01

Dreamt a person successfully compelled me to do a thing for them. The thing is something I usually need to be told not to do, so it was surprising that the person went all out to formally bind me into doing the thing.

All was fun and games until I answered the summons and found exactly what they wanted from me. Just like there’s a certain level of help we’ll give a stranger, and a different level of help we’ll give a friend, so did this person demand from me an effort normally reserved for intimate relations because of the personal cost of doing the thing at that intensity.

Evil Genie Mode: Activated.
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Dream Journal: 2015-08-25.01

It was supposed to be a nice relaxing evening. A lazy one, where I could just close my eyes and float without getting entangled in any otherworld politics or having unexpected guests drop by. So when I felt the first tugs from a place I had not visited in a long while, I was intrigued, but ultimately uninterested. My mistake was confirming a connection to that place. The tugs became a snare, and I was ripped from my incorporeal comfort into a harsh and unwelcoming reality. Continue reading Dream Journal: 2015-08-25.01

Dropped Notes

You have to be your own person. It’s perfectly fine to use what you perceive of someone else’s personality as a template to compare your own strengths and weaknesses against, but you have to be you, not what you wished that other person was.

Things change, but nothing changes. But still there are changes.

Own what you say.

Own what you do.

Own your expectations.

It’s not a tug-of-war between orthopraxy and orthodoxy. It’s a question of how you walk out your faith and if that path is taking you where you want to go.

Yes, you are the Chosen One, but only in the context of your life. You are at best a minor supporting character in everyone else’s.

Your beliefs mean jacque shitte when I’m dealing with my gods. It is comforting to know mine are equally dismissed when you are dealing with yours. You are not the measure of my faith, and I am not yours.

Unseen. For now.

It has been several weeks since I dedicated myself to exploring the sphere of Mercury on my admittedly stolen and shamelessly bastardized Tree of Life. I paid for my insolence by having several comforting lies taken from me and many uncomfortable truths revealed.

Chief among those falsehoods was the idea that all that happens in my life are not connected as a rule, and unfortunate happenstance at best. It appears that way because I had willfully blinded myself to the connections. That way, I also blind myself to the responsibility of doing something about it.

Instead, I am reminded that I am the same standing up as I am sitting down, and just because I use one set of tools while doing one thing, and another set of tools while doing another thing, I am still me. Continue reading Unseen. For now.

Dream Journal: 2015-08-02.01

Me as I’m going through the shit: “I’m not going to write a single word of this. Nope. Ain’t a damn soul gonna know about this because there is no way to possibly convey all the nuances that is flooding my awareness without trivializing, compartmentalizing, or dismissing any of it and it’s all fucking important.”

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