Dream Journal: 2016-06-17.01

The black rosary appeared in my left hand, wrapped loosely around my fingers. The spectral breeze carried the scent of fresh sweet water.

“Not yet, Mary. I’m to the Hanged Man in that deck, and I still have cards I could confuse with you left to confront. When I am finally able to give you and… your husband… my attention, I want it to be in full and complete.”

I closed my left hand on nothing and the breeze stopped.

That she is giving me space when my ancestors are not is indicative of something, but what the fuck do I know about spiritual things. -sigh-

Dream Journal: 2016-06-16.01

She’s crying. Little sniffles and whimpers are smothered by the black worn teddy bear she’s holding up to her face. She doesn’t look older than six years old, and she can’t be more than thirty pounds. She’s skin, bone, and ragged lengths of lifeless hair, as if a dessicated corpse became animated. Not a single hue of color to her, so even saying she’s white from head to toe is misleading.

She’s Inverse Death.

And she’s scared I’m going to make her hurt people. Continue reading Dream Journal: 2016-06-16.01

Dream Journal: 2016-06-09.01

Last night I set out with intention to obtain a thing. Instead I found myself sitting before a ginormous monitor showing several browser windows randomly layered over each other. They were all open to a particular Tumblrite’s blog but each window was showing a different post from said blog. The theme of the selected posts were dreams and visions.

The front most window simply had an unattributed quote:

“Sleep on it. You’ll have your answer by morning. Incubato, baby.”

I frowned at the screen and bitched. “I am sleeping on it, and you’re not helping.”

The window refreshed. “What did you expect? I am a bastard, after all. ;p ”

I laughed. Yes, [this particular Tumblrite] is. A point of bragging even. But is this something wearing their face to convey a directed message or am I being distracted? The context of what I was seeking allows for both assumptions to be valid, even simultaneously.

I have not informed the star of my dream about their appearance, though there are enough clues in this post to make them, and those closely acquainted with them, smile smugly.

I shall watch the day unfold and see what happens.

Dream Journal: 2016-06-06.01

When the spirit/servitor of the Inverse Devil made its appearance to yield to me, it was as a great learned man, with puffy doctoral robes and medallions of intellectual honors, standing smugly before me with a portfolio of his achievements under one arm and his head under the other.

Here is a man who has placed all his faith in his reasoning, to the point where he has denied his body, and thus his instinct, any access to his thoughts for it is common and thus, filth.

Some of the cards, like the Inverse Sun, know they represent a Worst Possible Outcome of the current they represent. They resent the manner in which they were formed and do not wish to be used for ill.

Then there’s this motherfucker. Continue reading Dream Journal: 2016-06-06.01

Dream Journal: 2016-05-28.01

For such a loud club, it sure was a dark one. I could barely see my hand in front of my face, much less whoever was on the dance floor below me. I leaned on the second floor railing and looked out over the expanse of moving shadows below me.

I am surrounded by hundreds of… things… and I am utterly alone.

I turned to go. The music changed. A bright shining and many colored performer took the stage and emptied it by their presence.

“Come down.” Continue reading Dream Journal: 2016-05-28.01

Dream Journal: 2016-05-22.02

How do you chase lightning? How do you run down the wind? Still having time to spare before having to get up for the day, I sought [Sunchaser] using the confirmed links between us. He’s easy enough to spot when I want to pour one out for him, but actually getting down to business? Tough.

Having exhausted the countryside I huffed in exasperation and turned to go.

The weight of his hand on my forehead brought me to a complete stop. Continue reading Dream Journal: 2016-05-22.02