Dream Journal: 2015-07-20.01

Deep water lies still before me.
Waiting for what always comes.
As sure as the headwaters split the rock blocking it.
As sure as the tide returns to the sea.
As sure as the river flows to the ocean.
As sure as it is waiting for me.

Deep water lies still before me.
Waiting for my erosion to complete.
As sure as the blood flows through my veins.
As sure as the tears that clean my sight.
As sure as the thirst that can never be quenched.
As sure as it is waiting for me.

Dream Journal: 2015-07-17.01

I dreamt… well… I dun wanna talk about that one. So lemme talk about this other interstitial one instead…

Over this past winter, I did a thing under a completely different name. I had a lot of fun doing it. I learned some shit. But I was also reminded why certain boundaries had to be erected. For the sake of all, I ended the thing gracefully rather than hurt myself trying to keep it up because that name was developing a following and I didn’t want to just throw folk into the ditch like that.

Only one other person knew who was the person behind that name, and they have kept the secret well. Continue reading Dream Journal: 2015-07-17.01

Dream Journal: 2015-07-13.01

Dreamt I showed up to a client’s house to do a series of tarot readings for him. I had brought all of my decks as requested. (All 7 of them, so many, I know.) He looked them over and admitted he only wanted to see them so he would know how my answers would be framed.

He placed a deck wrapped in black cloth on the table and asked somberly if I would use that deck instead. It was his personal deck, and had not been touched by anyone once he took possession of it. Continue reading Dream Journal: 2015-07-13.01

Going A Head

I’m shuddering uncontrollably on the hard, cold surface. I see glowing markings along the top of the walls, just under the ceiling, and I recognize where I’m at.


Cold hands rest on my shoulders. He leans over my head with his usual stony expression. “Long time no see.” He strokes my face, neck, and collarbone, soothing the uncontrollable shudders into unbreakable calm. “Where is he?”, he mutters at me. Continue reading Going A Head

Dream Journal: 2015-07-10.01

A short dream from last night. Quite straightforward and no (obvious) woo involved, but that it has stuck with me despite the chaos of the day usually means I’m missing something in plain sight.

As the dream opens, I’m at work, having picked up my purse for some reason. In the purse were two rosaries, the one that was the token of the covenant, and a second that was set aside for heretical academic reasons. However I had not had a chance to use the second rosary just yet and was carrying it to remind me to catch up on my nefariousness. Continue reading Dream Journal: 2015-07-10.01

Dream Journal: 2015-07-02.01

Dreamt I was summoned to appear before Kali (yea, that Kali). She appeared as she would in the microsecond her foot stepped upon her holy husband in his effort to calm her raging. So she was still fearsome, terrifying, and raving, but despite the exterior she was calm, calculating, and reasoned.

She wanted to know why I had accepted Merciful Mother Mary as my archetype of motherhood and not her.

She really did look personally offended by my decision. Continue reading Dream Journal: 2015-07-02.01