Dream Journal: 2015-01-09.01

“You can’t be here! You’re not authorized! You don’t have the papers! You don’t even have the secret key! You can’t be here! NOW GO AWAY!” The angry man waved his arms as if he could scare away small birds. The layers of robes hung flaccid from his arms, and the weight of all the yards of heavy cloth drove him to exhaustion before he had finished yelling at me. I remained standing beside my car, half smiling and half smirking as I watched him nearly pass out.
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Path of Teth: Retrieving the Wand

Sitting down and reviewing past events, I realize that I have been intentionally finding excuses not to go after the wand. Fear about dealing with angels. Fear about not being sure what I’ll find. Fear about the unknown in general. Fear about being wrong and that I’m just deluding myself.

Fuck fear.

If I do nothing, I’ll have nothing. The physical wand has felt empty and inert since the dream version of it was whisked away. Instead of waiting for a dream to place me where I need to be, it’s time to make the deliberate voyage there.

I prepare myself physically and ritually for the excursion. Let what comes, come. Continue reading

Dream Journal: 2015-01-04.01

Dreamt of a MMO pacifist guild called “Sisters of Joy”. All were clerics, spec’d to a pure Holy tree. They had a pink tabard, and most of the toons were female. As a guild, they specialized in crafting cloth armor, bandages, and bags. Their mounts were unicorns and they looked absolutely adorable.

The hardcore PvP guilds and the griefing guilds hated them. The Sisters of Joy were at the top of every KOS list, with bounties including legendary items for a proven kill.

Why were the Sisters of Joy, a guild that was literally incapable of doing anything more than 1 point of damage per strike, if they were even capable of striking at the time, so completely despised? Continue reading

Dream Journal: 2015-01-03.02

The people moved aimlessly across the compacted desert. If you ignored their humanity, it was like watching Brownian motion on a two-dimensional surface. Strangely captivating to watch.

Everyone was naked. Most appeared over the age of thirty. Some appeared gaunt and underweight. Some appeared buff and in the height of health. Most were distinguished by being indistinguishable. If I stayed still long enough, I could find some feature that stood out from the collective average.

A strange moan came from them. “Amber.” Some said it and wept. Some said it and were angered. Some showed regret, some showed hope. “Amber.” Continue reading

Dream Journal: 2015-01-03.01

The dream opens with me getting my ass chewed out by someone that thought they were my superior. While she paced back and forth detailing my lack of duty to her, someone of her rank, and someone in her position, I was reading the papers she had left exposed on her desk. Being able to read upside down in the waking serves me just as well here, and I obtain the information I needed without ever asking her a question.

“And have you anything to say?” She turned on her power stiletto heel expecting to see a cowed and crying peon. I didn’t even look at her, but continued reading the papers. My turn. Continue reading

Dream Journal: 2015-01-02.01

“Mind the counter for me, please? I really,¬†really gotta go!” The clerk was doing the dance that toddlers do best. I figured this wouldn’t take but a few minutes, so I said if he was willing to risk it, I’d be game.

“Thanks! All the barcodes are accurate and show the name of the thing on the screen. Hit the red Manager button if you need help. And don’t worry about the licensed stuff, I have the key for the case on me so you couldn’t sell it even if you want to! I’ll be right back!” He tossed me the key to the cash register and zoomed to the back of the store while loudly praying the toilet was working today. Continue reading

Quite Simple, Actually

The other day I managed to break the script the Fearless Legion followed in welcoming (and ejecting) me from their realm. While their commander brought the encounter to its predictable end (and in a snap, at that), I did not leave empty handed.

If I was going to go through the Warring Fields of Geburah to step foot on the Path of Teth, I would need authorization from the Lord of the Path of Teth, first.

Would have been nice to know several months ago. But now I have a different problem.

I can’t go there without permission. But I can’t get permission unless I go there! Right? Continue reading

Trust? I’ll think about it.

So Friday evening I had a wild ride and a spot of adventure, and I really don’t want to go into all the details but let’s just say that the overriding theme of the evening is “Trust”.

Which is one of the things I have the damnedest of times doing.

I don’t trust anyone. People. Gods. Dogs. Nope. I’ve been burnt too many times to openly trust again. You want me to trust you? Prove yourself trustworthy to me. Continue reading