Dream Journal: 2015-11-16.01

He sat at the same round table as I. I noted he had placed his chair at a relative angle of 135° from my own. I would not have noticed except he quietly fussed a bit to sit precisely where he wanted to sit and measured where to sit by glancing at me.

I said nothing and only nodded a polite silent greeting. We were sitting in public, at a coffee shop somewhere in the world. I was playing a card game with one of my tarot decks. A very serious play, I assure you.

He took out a notebook and pen and started writing quick and furious notes. Maybe he’s a sketch artist. Maybe a poet. Maybe I didn’t care as long as he left me in peace.

“You disappoint me.”

So much for peace. Continue reading Dream Journal: 2015-11-16.01

Dream Journal: 2015-11-08.01

Last week, an acquaintance at work passed away. His passing had a direct impact on my job in that I had one less set of items to prepare for dissemination at the end of the week. I did not know him personally, and I was more concerned for the living that did than where he went to after. At our group meetings, we were polite to each other as proper decorum and human decency required.

“Oh, Keri. There you are. Would you be so kind to dispose of this coffee for me. I can’t walk and carry at the same time anymore.” Continue reading Dream Journal: 2015-11-08.01

Dream Journal: 2015-11-03.01

“If you can imagine Ares as an opera singer, then why not me as a bookstore proprietor?”

“Nice. You said proprietor. Not owner. Here I thought you were the ultimate gate-keeper.”

“I don’t own knowledge, my dear. Just some means of communicating it. By the way, how goes your studies?”

“No. You’re not going to dance my attention to the side again. I see you, Old Man. What the fuck are you up to?”

“Wrong question. Why are you still here now that you’ve made me?”

“… I want to know… shit.”

“Are you really going to try to weasel-word your way past me?”

“… I want to know more.”

“You will.”

Dream Journal: 2015-11-01.02

So last night’s dream came with music. Here is the track echoing in my mind while I was doing “the thing” at its proper time:

Radioactive Sandwich – Goat Herder

And here is what started playing in my head as I prepared to do the “other thing”:

Radioactive Sandwich – Pistol Shrimp

And lastly, what started playing in my head when I was taken advantage of and “Them” intervened:

Radioactive Sandwich – Elephant Parade

It was a long night.

Note: I did not have any music playing in my room, nor did the rest of the house have anything playing. Unless you count the bitter tears as my father’s team lost some important game that his sister will tease him about forever.