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It’s time to write another book again! For 2020 I will be writing the second book in the series started last year: A Hand Full Of Cards. The draft will be available here as the chapters are completed. As the outline calls for fewer chapters and for more text in each chapter, daily updates are not to be expected. If you do not use an RSS reader to subscribe to the blog, you may check this post for updates.

The draft of the first book, published as A Light In The Darkness, is available at Sounding The Current – Masterpost. While “A Deeply Planted Seed” is being written with the intent to be enjoyable as a standalone book, it will be making references to events portrayed in the first book.

Chapter 1 – “Denial” It has only been three weeks since Melissa started rebuilding her life. But not all of the debris from her world before has been cleared and she finds herself unable to accept the world that is now assembling around her. She meets up with her friend Rebecca, a professional tarot reader, to ask for a small and insignificant boon to help her.

Chapter 2 – “Descent” It’s bad enough that Rebecca refused her request, but did the figment of her imagination have to deny her as well? Melissa chooses to adult her way through after all, but damn, this hurts.

Chapter 3 – “Astronomia” Melissa exits the court of deception and gets what she asks for. But what she receives is nothing like what she was expecting and she has to take it on faith that this will be of help.

Chapter 4 – “Beacon” For once, Melissa came through the night without a nightmare. But what was clear in a dream is a puddle of confusion in daylight. If only she had someone to help her understand the difference.

Chapter 5 – “Legacy” Melissa’s lesson on the enigmatic Ten of Spheres leads her to seek to understand the Ten of Coins. After all, all tarot decks are fundamentally the same and the cards are interchangable, right?

Chapter 6 – “Echoes” Melissa discovers that numbers have shapes beyond marks on a paper and that these shapes have meaning in themselves. Could those shapes help Melissa make amends for Janice’s woes?

Chapter 7 – “Excavations” Melissa learns that before she can go up, she has to go down. Digging foundations takes work and what is uncovered is not always what is planned. She struggles to ask for the help she needs.

Chapter 8 – “Forbearance” Melissa relives the pattern of her life before tarot entered it. Nostalgia is a trap requiring facing the truth to escape it. When the truth hurts more than the lie that comforted her, will she be able to come through?

Chapter 9 – “Equilibrium” Melissa is called to account for debts, real and imagined. Assumptions are weighed on their merits as Melissa weighs her responsibilities. Who has time for research when the world is changing faster than she can prepare?

Chapter 10 – “Indignus” Melissa decides she is done playing this game and quits the field fully prepared for emergence into a hostile world. But is she prepared for the hostility she has been carrying all this time?

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