Dream Journal: 2017-02-15.01

I see the rosary first. The loop is entwined between fingers and over hands clasped together in a solid grip as if for prayer. The pendant of the crucifix hangs over the knuckles in a way that strikes me at first as an apotropaic amulet, then as a visual censer, and lastly as a key to a lock that disturbs me with its implication.

So I look at the person holding it instead. Continue reading Dream Journal: 2017-02-15.01

Spiritual Journal: 2017-02-02.01

I’m not Catholic. Hell, I’m not even Christian anymore. So why am I holding on to a broken rosary? (Again.) It’s cheap as fuck, of shitty quality wood on a shittier quality yarn that self-shredded itself inside of an unopened cloth bag closed up in an unopened interior purse pocket. I don’t keep junk. And I have already replaced it. So why am I keeping it? Continue reading Spiritual Journal: 2017-02-02.01

Spiritual Journal: 2017-01-28.01

Earth acts upon and through earth, and we can hear it from a distance. See also, the landslide and the earthquake.

Water acts upon and through water, and we can hear it from a distance. See also, the raging river and the choppy sea.

Fire acts upon and through fire, and we can hear it from a distance. See also, the wildfire and the hearthfire.

Air acts upon and through air, and we can only hear it when it acts upon something not air. Standing on the ground looking up at clouds passing a scant hundred feet over my head, pushed with obviously vigorous winds, and I realize I don’t hear anything. Continue reading Spiritual Journal: 2017-01-28.01