Dream Journal: 2017-08-20.01

The messenger offered me a paper invitation to a private reading of Jung’s The Red Book in an interior room of a private lodge as a perk of membership. I tried to accept it but the paper sprouted thorns from every possible surface, and there was no way for me to accept the invitation without wearing layers of gloves that would make it difficult for me to participate. Continue reading “Dream Journal: 2017-08-20.01”

Do Magick: Beginner’s Mind

I’m starting with only the latter third of the month of August left for my formal research period, though I’ve been poking at this topic since the end of June when I participated in a group exercise in summoning a grimoire spirit. It has taken me this long to make the determination to do this thing, and I will admit that listening to the previous winners of the DoMagick challenge has encouraged me to make this my DoMagick: Beginner’s Mind challenge. Continue reading “Do Magick: Beginner’s Mind”

Dream Journal: 2017-08-17.01

“Move or get out the way!” I did both. I did not know they were going to open the doors so soon, or I would have made sure to have been on the other side of the ship. As such, I was caught by the throng of passengers eager to leave the ship, arrive on land, or both. The flow of people was too much for me to pass through and I had no desire to leave the ship, so I pressed myself to the side as best as I could to wait out the stampede of people.

It wasn’t good enough. Continue reading “Dream Journal: 2017-08-17.01”

Dream Journal: 2017-08-15.01

Pulled out the Book of Oberon to see if there were any measures in the book that I could undertake in my present circumstances since the [Mud] tells were still increasing. Wound up completely overwhelmed after reading though several entries. Didn’t want to just close the book without doing anything as that felt rude, but I didn’t understand to who or why. (Note to self: Late Night O’clock is not a good time to be reading about spirits when you’re too tired to pay attention to tells.) Wound up reading aloud a modified dedication to the book, for the book. Went to bed immediately after.

“Hi! Yes! Good! This is how you start! Yes!” Continue reading “Dream Journal: 2017-08-15.01”

Slaying Dragons

As I prayed through the nine days of Saint Mary MacKillop’s novena, I knew I was going to find my apostate ass sitting willfully in church. I could find no justification for doing so other than “It’s time”. If my path was going to go where the clues were implying it would lead, if I was going to heal further from the abuses that were forced on me, if I was going to make peace with my past and my present, there was no other way.

I was so terrified of following through, I lost the ability to shed tears over it. Continue reading “Slaying Dragons”

Courage, Trust, and Openness

The way my angelus aspect stood behind my seated form mirrored the way the black armored angel stood behind [the Bow-Wielder]. I held the wood beaded rosary I had restrung. She held a shiny black beaded rosary similar to the one I had sent away.

“Years ago, you said I was a terrible Christian, and that I had to make a choice between devotion and survival. I chose survival, and with that choice, completed my apostasy.”

She answered with a silent nod as her soft and tender smirk mocked me.

“I’ve been chasing your ass ever since.” Continue reading “Courage, Trust, and Openness”

Dream Journal: 2017-08-07.01

Around the fountain was a thick forest. I could barely see the path that led into the very small clearing where the carved white stones had been installed around the natural spring. The fountain could only be viewed and appreciated best from the small bridge that curved around it and over the guided stream flowing from it.

From that bridge, the stonework gave the fountain the appearance of a carved granite eye, with the actual upwelling of water creating the dome of the “corona”. The lower lid of the carved eye was intentionally split, so that granite eye was forever weeping, and the stream flowed out from that point.

Attached to the railing of the bridge was a long bamboo rod and cup, so those on the bridge can draw a cup of the clear sharp water for themselves from the stream as it flowed under the bridge.

At least, that was the intent. Continue reading “Dream Journal: 2017-08-07.01”

Daring the Devil

I didn’t promise I would. I said I’d look into it. Saint Mary MacKillop’s themes are “Courage, Trust, and Openness”. And you know what… I think confronting a fear would be a damn good way to express, demonstrate, and internalize those themes.

It you do not have a Catholic friend, attending Mass is still one of the best introductions to the Church and going alone is not really difficult at all.

Continue reading “Daring the Devil”