Do Magick August ’18: Day 27 – Sandbox

The light of the candles gave the chamber the illusion of the appearance of someone seated cross legged inside the chamber. It was fun to watch how my mind drew a figure from the fewest curves possible.

It took until today for me to realize that when speaking the words “Rede, rede, rede in pace,” that I was also dropping into a light trance and closing my eyes before I had said the final rede. It is a marked difference from my state of awareness at the beginning of the month. It’s not forced or frightening. It feels like I’m sitting down at a table and it’s time to use the quiet voice in conversation now.

So I was not surprised that I was not startled when the afterimage of the candle flames multiplied and became a multitude of glowing leonine eyes floating and staring at me in a mix of challenge and bored observation.

The chamber itself became a bright source of light that almost drowned out the floating eyes by flooding my face with brilliance. After speaking the entirety of the phrase, one by one the floating eyes closed with satisfaction and winked out of sight. After the last eye closed and vanished, the chamber darkened.

[Patient Caller] immediately appeared before me, seated across the cleared small table as he always has, and gave the gesture as a silent greeting. He did not wait for me to return it (I’m not supposed to, anyway), but instead raised his hand as if to push something towards me.

In a flash I was reminded of a previous dream/visitation by an angel who gave me an important and relevant warning of something immediate, but also warned threatened promised that we would meet again. The memory was as intense as it was brief, and before I could even blink, it had passed.

«Do not forget, [she] still waits for you to get over yourself.»

“Another angel? But I barely know how to interact with [Wit], and they’ve been waiting for me a hella lot longer than you have!”

The spirit chuckled. «Even so, [she] remains available to you.»

“Fine… I guess… fuck… Man, am I over my paygrade. Okay. Change of topic. Tell me about August 31st. What makes it so different from the days preceding and following it?”

The spirit raised his head slightly and said nothing. Instead, my mind was flooded with the sensation of being out of time(space), of being set apart, and transition points that last longer than the blink of an eye.

Realizing I was not going to get an easily comprehensible answer out of the spirit, I returned to the topic he raised. “Okay, fine, let’s go back to your leading statement. Just what am I supposed to do with [that angel]?”

This time the smugness radiated from under his hood in nearly visible waves. «My apologies, but that request is outside the scope of the boundaries set by my summoning.»

“Outside the fucking scope?!” Wait, I summoned him this month to teach me how to survive. Shit. He has a point.

“Okay. I get it. Stay in the sandbox even though some entities get to bring in toys at will. Fine. In the scope of my summoning of you, have you any words for me?”

«Continue your prayers and your meditation.»

I want to be mad. I really do. I could only laugh at myself, nod, and accept that the games will continue after all.

I gave the license to depart and ended the ritual.

Total time bouncing my curiosity off the boundaries: 7 minutes.

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