Do Magick September ’17: Beginner’s Mind

I’m starting with only the latter third of the month of August left for my formal research period, though I’ve been poking at this topic since the end of June when I participated in a group exercise in summoning a grimoire spirit. It has taken me this long to make the determination to do this thing, and I will admit that listening to the previous winners of the DoMagick challenge has encouraged me to make this my DoMagick: Beginner’s Mind challenge.

From the Do Magick website: (Entry:

The September 1st magical challenge forces us all to remember what we have forgotten.  Remember that time when your mind just absorbed information, and everything generated wonder.  For this challenge, you are to work with a new system, set of techniques, or use any new experience or hobby to force yourself into the beginner’s mind and use it.  Get excited about your magic again. Ideally you would use the new techniques or paradigm does as often as possible in the 30 days.  Now, that said, you still need to do some sort of meditation/energy work or magick every day, but self-reflection counts.

For several years, I have dreamt of a concealed spirit waiting to meet me across a table formed by a giant book. I participated in the group exercise in hopes of learning how to make that connection. The group exercise gave me certain information I needed to get me closer to completing that connection, but it still remains for me to just get down and do it even though I have no experience of grimoire based magic outside of that group exercise. So I am stating my intention that for the month of September, 2017, for that thirty day period, I will be invoking that concealed spirit with the intention of not only completing the connection, but to have conversation with that spirit, and then to go on from there with whatever follows. I will be using the Book of Oberon as the grimoire of choice and attempt to use only those methods and rituals in this book to develop and carry out the rituals.

In the spirit of the DoMagick challenge, I will be making a public post regarding the attempts each day, both on this blog under the #DoMagick tag and crossposted to my tumblog. Nothing of confidence will be revealed, and I will make it obvious when I am redacting information with this notation: [REDACTED (or safe substitution)]

As of this point, I have already assembled two-thirds of the spoken ritual. I still have to settle on which tools I will require and acquire them quickly. I still have to consider which portions of the ritual required by the book will have to be adapted to meet the constraints of my physical environment. (We can’t all live in ivory towers.) I anticipate my carefully laid plans to be blown to hell and back by the third day, and I anticipate adjusting my plans accordingly to continue the challenge.

If I don’t make the attempt, I am sure to never gain the knowledge I seek. Who knows, I may learn something more than what I expected.

My name is Kerian Nox. I am a beginner to grimoire magic, and I seek to use the Book of Oberon during the thirty days of September to finally sit with a Patient Caller.