Do Magick December ’18: Day 19 – One Step Back

Of course inspiration strikes at the most inconvenient of times, in the bathroom. While washing my hands I watched the water swirl in the sink. The motion reminded me of the spin of a compass and before I could blink, I had a flash image of converting the June shoal sigil gesture back into a circle bounded sigil that I could place in the mini-book.

Okay. I could do that. When I sat back at my desk to sketch out possibilities, I ran into the same stumbling blocks as I did with the time-management sigil. The idea’s flash showed a single circle encompassing the 3×3 square that the actual sigil would be drawn on. While I pondered how fancy to make the circles and square I realized that the idea’s flash included the square as if it was the lattice work supporting the sigil.

(Un)Fortunately, the idea’s flash lacked color. Which should be expected as the sigil was originally made to be gestured in mid air, not written down repeatedly. While this allows me to really run away with all the flourishes, it does not help me do any meaningful work once I came home for the day.

So the inspiration remains here for now. Tomorrow I will have more time to work on the mini-book and hopefully, more pictures.