Dream: Geometry, Episode 1

I have been struggling to create a personal seal for a (yet another) magickal project. For some reason, I quickly became fixated on using the compass and straight-edge to create it. Perhaps I like making things difficult. Perhaps.

Over the weekend of January 29-30, I had a vicious migraine. It confined me to bed for the duration and kept me in a nebulous mental state. On 30 January, I finally was able to sleep long and deep enough to dream. I was awakened by the phone, and feeling the dream to be of importance, I typed down my notes while I was still able to sit up long enough to do so. While none of the wording has been changed, all spelling errors has been corrected because I’m anal like that.


Mid migraine pause, when the pain lifts long enough for me to eat before it calls for artillery. Gotta write this down and my handwriting sucks right now.

Dream/vision/whatever: I’m watching a person with a compass and straight edge. He’s (definitely a ‘he’) showing me how to construct the basis of my personal seal. He starts with a point on a large piece of paper. Explains the relevance of the point. Draws a moderate circle around the point. Explains the relevance of the circumference. Claims the measurement of the radius is irrelevant.

Sets the compass to the length of the *diameter*. Moves to different sheet of paper. Says the second sheet is where the geometric math will be done. Uses the straight edge to make line the length of the diameter. Then uses the compass to scribe two large arcs at each end of the line. The arcs meet above and below the line.

He calls the pointed oval made by the arcs, the “vesica”. Tells me the vesica is important, he will expound later.

He then takes the straight edge, aligns it with the upper and lower point of the vesica, and draws a line connecting the two. He is about to say something…

The -expletive- phone rings and wakes me up. The image of the papers shatter into thousands of points of light that stabs my eyes as I come back to the Waking.

This is not the first I’ve seen the paper, the compass, and the straight edge. Last time I dreamed/saw this, my unseen teacher went over the point, the circumference, and how to bisect finite lines without measuring them. Yes, I know this stuff from eighth grade geometry. But I’m seeing the esoteric side of this for the first time.

Just leaving this as a note here. Will start putting the pieces together after the pain leaves.


Since that dream, I made advancements on my personal seal, but was not able to complete it. Nor was I able to incorporate the vesica piscis into the seal.