Dream: A Turn of Events

I’ve noticed a trend here. All my dreams start with me waking up from sleeping!


“Corporal! Corporal! What do we do?” Fuck, I was supposed to be sleeping. Why is this private pulling on my sleeve? And where is the sergeant?

“Corporal! We’re under attack!” Okay, I’m awake now. I sit up fully in my chair and glance at the clock. Another two hours before my shift begins.

“Where is the Sergeant?” I’m trying to get my bearings, trying to shake off the fog of sleep and remember what I should do. I leave the chair and get my helmet. “Well, where is he? That bastard better not be shagging another punk bitch!”
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Dream: Life for Mother

I’ve dreamt about many an alternate world involving insects before. Been a space marine infiltrating a insectoid species’s space station looking for survivors of a brutal germ warfare attack. (As a human, I was immune.) In another dream, I found myself standing in a field of yellow daisies, standing with arms outstretched while a large swarm of bees covered me from head to foot and even crawled under my clothes. (At the time, I did not understand the significance of the flowers. I probably should revisit that field, now that I know the flower is a favorite of my ancestor.) Bees made another visit to my dreamscape, sheltering me and my young charge from the frigid night by covering us while we were perched delicately in the arms of an acacia tree.

What happens when you lose a bet to a trickster god? From Loki’s point of view, hilarity. From my point of view, lots of dreams where I’m doing something I wouldn’t normally do, or where I’m outright controlled and enthralled. (And a few instances in the Waking as well!) But the enthrallment in each of those dreams ends when I wake up. The act of opening my eyes in the Waking sheds the chains that had bound me. (Loki’s trailing laughter, however, often echoes when I realize I’m awake.)

But this time, the insectoid creature was not friendly. This time, the enthrallment did not end with the morning light. The enthrallment finally faded about an hour after I awoke. It’s been six hours since I woke up from the dream. And I am still both terrified and affected by the enthrallment I was under.

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Dream: Black Hole Star

I’m floating. Aware of movement, but not aware of orientation. One side of me is exposed to great heat, of such intensity the physics whore in me is screaming of the impossibility of existing here. The fantasy bitch calmly reaches over and slaps her, saying, “We’re dreaming, silly. Shut up and enjoy the ride.”

I become fully lucid. Chuckling to myself at how my internal mental threads perceive themselves in dreamspace, I open my eyes to see what impossibility is so extreme, I struggle to maintain disbelief.
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Dream: Geometry, Episode 2

I’m missing a crucial component of my personal seal. The seal is based on a circle within a circle, to represent the Innermost Self and the Outer Self. The framework for the Outer Self is done. Try as I might, I cannot scribe anything to my satisfaction representing the Innermost Self. This afternoon, I take a nap in the hopes that I will become lucid and explore the problem from a different point of view.

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Dream: Geometry, Episode 1

I have been struggling to create a personal seal for a (yet another) magickal project. For some reason, I quickly became fixated on using the compass and straight-edge to create it. Perhaps I like making things difficult. Perhaps.

Over the weekend of January 29-30, I had a vicious migraine. It confined me to bed for the duration and kept me in a nebulous mental state. On 30 January, I finally was able to sleep long and deep enough to dream. I was awakened by the phone, and feeling the dream to be of importance, I typed down my notes while I was still able to sit up long enough to do so. While none of the wording has been changed, all spelling errors has been corrected because I’m anal like that.

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Dream: Caught in Stone

I could feel his hands around the stone. Could hear him intoning the words. Deep in my sleep, my dream self began to repeat the syllables as the svart-alf called me to him.

No. Not this time. I will not go. Something was amiss. I had the strong feeling that I should not visit his chamber this night. There was no reason for my sudden mistrust. I have placed myself in his hands many times before without harm. He taught me how to sleep off my migraines, and helped me with a close friend. But now, I am almost to the point of panic.

Dream or no, I was not going to his chamber this night.

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Dream: "Clean your House"

I walk softly down the stone corridor. My sandals making delicate swishes with each step. I am walking forward in confidence, as I should. I am Queen here. You would not know from my dress however. I wore a shift of light and delicate linen. The cloth is pleated and moves with me. A simple woven belt, with embroidered gold threading at my waist. A menat made with blue beads, green beads, and gold covers my chest and shoulders. I wear simple bracelets of woven papyrus and beads. As I am not at a formal function, I have left most of my gold behind. I do wear a crown. A simple gold band circlet with various beaded tassels hanging from it. Each tassel represents a region or country under my rule.

Attendants are manning various entryways and doors along the hallway. They bow and gesture as I pass. I don’t even nod in acknowledgment. I am Queen here. The corridor is wide, so that four men could stand side by side and still have room around them. The floor is smooth but not polished. The walls are polished to the point of reflection. A few tapestries hang on free standing racks. Many candle pillars. The walls are covered in polished granite and marble. I adore the look of them.

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Dream: Some Vacation!

My best friend has decided I need a vacation. He has, by some way, removed me from the dull urban sprawl I call home and taken me to the midlands of America. We are hanging out with some several times removed cousins of his, at a farm.

It’s harvest day. I am being taught how to drive a combine harvester.

His cousins are a little wary of me. I am an Outsider, after all. But they see there is genuine friendship between me and my BFF, so they tease us and crack jokes about geeks and sunlight.

It’s harvest day. My BFF and I are in the cab of a combine. There is just one long row of wheat left to gather for the season, and I’m told to take over controls. I sputter and decline at first. Not wanting to damage expensive equipment. My BFF teases me about being able to take on computer problems, but balking at the jiggling of a stick. It is a barely concealed sexual challenge that infers I am unable to participate in hetero couplings.

Challenge, accepted.

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Dream: PSA

I was a teacher at a school. Just caught a kid trying to sneak drugs into the class to sell. Made him stand out in the hall. We just stood there, waiting for the police to show. He was bragging that nothing would happen to him, that he’d be back home that night. I was warning him that nothing is ever hidden forever, and if he didn’t stop this shit, he was going to hurt himself more than anyone else could. Continue reading “Dream: PSA”