Dream: Of Gods And Water

I’m running. The upper third and ceiling of the hall is lined with pipes. Some of them are leaking steam into the hallway, but I’m not close enough to the venting to be burned by it.

I’m clothed in nondescript clothing. The fabric covers me loosely and adequately. It reminds me somewhat of nurse’s scrubs, except the color is dark sand instead of hospital blue.

I’m running. The floor of the hall has puddles in random spots. My sneakers splash into them, throwing water onto the walls and the woman behind me. She holds my hand tightly as we run. She is in a knee-length shift. I suppose some flattering designer could deign to call it a sundress. In the same dark tan color as my clothing, it too is loose about her.

She sputters. She is trying to tell me that she is out of breath. She doesn’t have to say anything, I can hear her ragged breathing. We are almost to our destination. I pull her along the final few feet.

The hallway ends at a door. I throw the door open, pull her inside the darkened room, and slam the door shut behind us.

The pipes above us leak steam and drips of cold water. Our clothing is damp from all the moisture. She leans against the wall, gasping for air. Securing the door, I too struggle to catch my breath. I rattle the knob, checking that the lock is caught. I hope we are hidden well. I lean against the solid door. Knowing this room has no other exits, knowing that if we are found, there is no escape. I will my mind to remain calm, to not panic, to remain strong.

She starts crying. “They’ll find us. We can’t escape them. What are doors and walls to them?” Her words start to melt into quiet sobs.

The pipes continue to leak steam and drip water. I turn my attention towards her, ignoring the objects in the room.

A few steps, and I am before her. I caress her face, wiping away the tears. That is when I notice my gender. I am male. A little taller than her, much taller than I should be. The awareness confuses me, causing me to drop my mental defenses for a brief moment.

She is still crying. I lean slightly against her, pinning her to the wall with my body. My manhood stirs as the scent of her musk swirls about us. She throws her arms around me, burying her face in my chest. A drop of cold water splashes on her head. I smile and kiss the impact spot. A shudder shakes me as something colder than water descends on my head and spine. She tries to pull forcefully away from me, but I hold her against the wall. Her crying rises with her panic but the sound is far removed from me. My will dissolves into the coldness that seeps over me.

The gods have found us. They are claiming what has been promised to them.

I say nothing as I keep her pinned against the wall. A water pipe above us suddenly bursts and we are both drenched in cold water. I watch her passively as the gods begin to assert their will on her as they have done with me. Out of the corner of my eye, I see their forms in the shadows. She shrieks as the coldness seeps into her. She cries as her will fades before them. Her struggling ceases, and she hangs limply against the wall, held there by my grip on her upper arms and by the gods’ grip on her will. I have forgotten why we ran.

I have forgotten what we were running from or where we were running to.

One of the gods steps forward from the shadows. An animal head, I do not recognize who he is. I only know he is of the Egyptian pantheon. The god steps behind me, a staff in his right hand. He reaches forward with the left, and plunges his hand into my back.

As he does this, I hear the shadows whisper the names “Thoth”, “Set”, and “Anubis” as they speak among themselves. Their language is beyond me. Even the few scraps I understand, are so heavily spoken in their native language, I barely register them.

The god steps fully into me. I shudder and release my grip on the woman. She remains against the wall as I fall to my knees before her. I do not see if another god is stepping into her. The water is now ankle deep in the room. My legs are drenched as I collapse onto the floor.

The god then stands up, and steps out of me. He remains standing behind me as I bring myself to my knees. I look at my companions legs, and am overcome with lust. I know that my desire is lit, inflamed, and fed by the god. But I am unable to resist it.

She doesn’t move from the wall as I begin to stroke and kiss her legs. I move my hands up her legs, kissing where I stroke. In the back of my mind, I wish myself to stop. I do not want to hurt my companion. I try to force my real gender upon my dream self, but I continue being male. The god’s will is unrelenting.

[Scribe’s note: Do I really need to detail this? I think it’s a bit obvious what is happening here. So, no. I will not detail it.]

I am furious against her. The wall seems unable to support the weight of our actions. The gods’ presence is overwhelming. They are sharing in the experience, the sensations, and the emotions. The same god that had stepped into me was again piercing my back with his hand. As the copulation began to peak, the god was riding my soul heavily. I felt devoured from without and within.

At the peak, the god grabbed my soul and ripped me out of my male dream body. With his staff, he tore open a rip in timespace and threw my soul into the blackened maw.

I woke up with a start. My blood pumping furiously and my flesh aflame with a vibrant desire. I looked around my room carefully, not sure if I could trust my senses. The house is cool and quiet. I keep myself awake until the lust subsides, then allow myself to return to sleep.

I haven’t yet looked up “Thoth”, “Set”, or “Anubis”. I only know the popular stories about them. To be truthful, I’m a little wary of looking more in depth. While I appreciate a fine lay when consensual, anything forced churns my stomach.

It was just a dream… right?

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