I, Eye

The iris of the Eye of Horus is colors, flashing colors, and the inverse of colors. The pupil of the Eye of Horus is always the inverse of the iris.

I look upon it and the splendor forces me to look away let I am destroyed by the gaze. I look upon it again with my eyes, and again the splendor forces my eyes to the ground. I leave my eyes behind, and can look upon the Eye of Horus clearly. Once I leave my blinded eyes behind, I see my Eye is Blue.

I am shown I must travel to the Underworld. Before the Boat, I must go forth. To help clear the Way for that part of me that can not traverse it yet. But not through the Western Gate. I will enter by the Northern Gate. To my eyes, the Northern way is dark and full of terrors and monsters, waiting to devour me whole. I look upon the Northern gate and flinch away in fear. But to my Eye, the Northern way is bright and clear to see. Nothing is hidden from sight. Fear does not touch me.

Armed and armored, I will enter the Path that winds Below. Armed with the Revealing Wand. Armed with the Maiden’s Scythe. When my Eye saw the Northern Gate, the Maiden did appear again with Scythe in hand to attack me and prevent me from entering. I stood my ground, armed and armored, caught the scythe in mid-swing and took the Scythe from her. The Maiden smiled and faded from view.

Here is the Mystery shown to me: Fortune. Tower and Universe.

My Eye is Blue.

(Note for the Reader: If a symbol confuses you, ask. If I can explain it, I will. If it stumps me also, I’ll admit it. If I’m not at liberty to reveal it, I’ll admit that too.)