Y’all just please keep in mind, the title of magician barely applies to me, much less Summoner or Sorcerer. I’m learning stuff by being thrown into the midst of the vat, and finding the names and proper rituals afterward. (Okay, I MIGHT be actively reaching. Maybe. But I try to only skirt the edges.)

Earlier today, I was assisting a (pagan) friend with the survey of a part of land. He had been there many times before, and was tracking the changes incurred from man and nature. There are those that would take offense to his survey, so we had to be aware of all things happening around us.

Part way through the day, the wind, which was initially from the north, suddenly blew hard from the south. In the wind I heard/felt a warning. “Take care. You are not in danger, but put away what you are doing.” I stood perfectly still, not sure what I had heard. The wind blew again, hard from the south, and I felt the words repeated.

I told my friend what I had felt. To my surprise, he took the warning at heart, and we put away the surveying tools and began to just walk about on foot, gathering local plants for inspection later. Not soon afterward, a neighbor to the parcel of land came riding through. Seeing we were empty handed, he merely chatted with my friend about this sport or that gossip, and revealed he was on the lookout for poachers and we should too. The poachers were acting under the guise of surveyors, and we should assume any surveyor we see is hostile. The neighbor drove off and I felt the conditions the warning had been given had just passed.

My friend and I continued collecting plants as we made a pass and began the return to the car. Once again, the wind blew suddenly strong from the south. Once again, a warning was given. “No more quarter will be shown you. Leave. Leave now.” I told my friend, and he took this warning to heart also. We stepped up our pace back to the car, only to be overtaken by another pair of locals. They took some umbrage to the collection of plants and made many questions, of which only a few I felt was idle talk. With the search for a wildlife poacher underway, anyone not of the immediate area was under suspicion.

My friend remarked we were probably under surveillance by other not-so-friendly locals and we had best to depart. A storm is approaching and we were already feeling flurries blown in by the growing clouds over our shoulder. We arrived back to the vehicle without any further incident and quickly left the area and returned to our respective homes.

Sitting at home, I wanted to give my thanks to the high land spirit that gave such clear warnings. I asked in my heart by what name could I call it, and I felt this reply:

The symbol is a circle, with four letters written on the inside of the circle. The north letter is “K”, the east letter is “L”, the south letter is “R”, and the west letter is “O”. There are other letters written, but they are not to be published. When written out, the word is “Klro”. This is the public name of the spirit.

Feeling brave (read: stupid), I called to myself my four elemental spirit helpers. With them as guards, I called Klro forward. Not commanded, called. If Klro didn’t want to step forward, well, that’s that.

To my surprise, not only did Klro step forward, it stepped INTO me and I found myself standing beside myself. My elemental guardians were already prepared for the possibility and restrained my body from acting from Klro’s will. Klro dropped to one knee and spread my hands in an act of peaceful engagement. It then spoke through my mouth.

“Ask me what you will. I shall answer what I will.”

I thank you for warning me today. Why did you?
“You were listening for warnings, so I spoke one in the manner of your hearing.”

I heard your name as ****. Is that correct? Or would you I call you a different name?
“You heard my name correct. Feel the last syllable, how it seals and releases.” (Note, the syllable refered to here, is of the full private name, not the public name.

My elemental helpers tell me you are not of the elements. What kind of spirit are you?
“I am one of many, and yet many are in me.”

Could I call on you again for help?
“I do not serve you. I am not bound to you. If I come at your call, it is because I Will to. I Willed to speak, so I did, and you listened. I Willed to speak again, and you listened again. I Willed to speak a third time, and you listened a third time, and now you know my name. But I do not serve you.”

(Before I could ask again, Klro spoke a last time.)

“Behold, I come to you because I Will. And I depart from you because I Will.” (Klro lifts away from me and I am drawn back into myself.)

I reseal myself and call on my helpers to seal within each elemental kingdom. I find myself sitting on the floor, where before I had been standing. A little disoriented, but not in any distress. I thought to write this up before I forgot Klro’s answers, and here I am.

Wondering what branch of magic did I just take a crash course in THIS time?

~fin~ (?)

I asked my favorite chatterbox (my Air helper, who always answers in threes and who is the inspiration for the blog’s title) if Klro was of the Air considering I first its voice on the wind. The actual question was “Is Klro of your kind?”

Answer #1: No. (Well, that was straight forward.)
Answer #2: It is not of my kind, but it is like me. (Bloody hell, another riddle.)
Answer #3: No, a brother. (But, you just said…)

I have lots of thinking, planning, and (most importantly) researching. Just when I think I won’t have to deal with any angels as a pagan… ~throws hands up in air~

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