“And that’s why it’s the way it is.” He sat back in his chair and sipped his coffee smugly. His nose wrinkled slightly as his tongue revealed the coffee was no longer fashionably hot. We had just met a few hours ago in the coffeehouse, when he asked to share the large table with me. Continue reading “Investigate”

The Exosuit

It looks like a suit of armor. Dark matte colors and unforgiving curved surfaces abound. The cloth sheathing is crumpled in the corner. I’m in the mechanic’s bay of my lab, there is no need to proclaim where my loyalty lies, as I’m the only one here. The bare exosuit hangs from anchors in the ceiling. Continue reading “The Exosuit”

Life Is Good

“What the hell is that?” He shrunk back from the tchothcke she had just unwrapped and placed delightedly on the desk in front of him.

“This?” She was quite cheerful about it. “Isn’t it cute?” She patted it gingerly.

“Cute? It’s a monstrosity! A shrunken head? Thank god, it’s a replica!” He shivered in reflex. Continue reading “Life Is Good”

Practical Distinctions

So, there’s a blog anthology site I contribute to called Practical Pagans. And there is a podcast show starting next week called Practical Druidry. The two are NOT related.

Practical Pagans has contributions from pagan bloggers of many different paths, temperaments, and viewpoints. Our resident druids are Blackbird O’Connell and Morgan Daimler.

Practical Druidry is the mouthpiece of one Charlton Hall, the very same one that threatened Patheos’ Star Foster and author Kenaz Filan.

Just wanted to formally make the distinction.

Practical Pagans: