Y’all just please keep in mind, the title of magician barely applies to me, much less Summoner or Sorcerer. I’m learning stuff by being thrown into the midst of the vat, and finding the names and proper rituals afterward. (Okay, I MIGHT be actively reaching. Maybe. But I try to only skirt the edges.)
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Fixing Things: Different Screens, Different Sizes

Playing around with Blogger settings, I decide to see what this “Blogger in draft” is all about. First thing that catches my eye, “Option to turn on Mobile Formatting”. Oh, I’ve been wanting this for a while. Let’s see what happens.
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Dream: Black Hole Star

I’m floating. Aware of movement, but not aware of orientation. One side of me is exposed to great heat, of such intensity the physics whore in me is screaming of the impossibility of existing here. The fantasy bitch calmly reaches over and slaps her, saying, “We’re dreaming, silly. Shut up and enjoy the ride.”

I become fully lucid. Chuckling to myself at how my internal mental threads perceive themselves in dreamspace, I open my eyes to see what impossibility is so extreme, I struggle to maintain disbelief.
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Why I Magic: Dream & (Lots of) Exposition

I’ve been meaning to write about how I play at magic, but various mental dams and iceblocks keep tripping me up. So instead of writing the “how”, instead, I’ll write the “why”.

Magic for me has always been about control. Not control of other people. Not control of the dipshits and numbnuts that seem to be attracted to me. Not control of my environment. I don’t want the ability to call the rain to myself, or to trip the traffic lights to always turn green for me. (Not that the ability wouldn’t be nice to have and greatly appreciated, it just isn’t high on my list of wants. Really.) Not control of wildly random events. However, if I should manage to trip the lottery in my favor, I’ll not be too nonplussed about it.
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Dream: Geometry, Episode 2

I’m missing a crucial component of my personal seal. The seal is based on a circle within a circle, to represent the Innermost Self and the Outer Self. The framework for the Outer Self is done. Try as I might, I cannot scribe anything to my satisfaction representing the Innermost Self. This afternoon, I take a nap in the hopes that I will become lucid and explore the problem from a different point of view.

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Dream: Geometry, Episode 1

I have been struggling to create a personal seal for a (yet another) magickal project. For some reason, I quickly became fixated on using the compass and straight-edge to create it. Perhaps I like making things difficult. Perhaps.

Over the weekend of January 29-30, I had a vicious migraine. It confined me to bed for the duration and kept me in a nebulous mental state. On 30 January, I finally was able to sleep long and deep enough to dream. I was awakened by the phone, and feeling the dream to be of importance, I typed down my notes while I was still able to sit up long enough to do so. While none of the wording has been changed, all spelling errors has been corrected because I’m anal like that.

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Dream: Goodbye, My Love

Last I saw Rigson in person, I was passing through the coffee house last week. (Last time in a dream, he was tying me up.) I had dropped my trimmed Thoth deck when getting out of the car. While I was sure I had picked up every card that had fallen, my nerves would not be settled until I had arranged the deck in a proper order [1]. So what was supposed to be just a quick caffeine grab and run turned into a caffeine grab and sit while I quickly ordered the deck. The process only took me all of five long minutes, as the deck was already ordered when I dropped it. It was simply a matter of placing the errant cards in their proper places, then thumbing through the deck one by one to soothe my jittery nerves.

Five minutes. Long enough for Rigson to come in and see me.

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