My Backyard

The wind plays tag with the plump birds in the trees.
Chasing them from this branch to that branch.
Catching them unaware and laughing as they mutter noisily amongst themselves.

The roses bloom all about me.
Pouring their scent onto the dancing zephyrs.
Hearing the confessions of the bees in exchange for cast off pollen. Continue reading “My Backyard”

Rising Fire

Settled down. Tucked into bed. At rest feeling the day’s issues slide into the past. Only thinking of the pleasure of sleep. Not considering the troubles that would wake with the dawn. It’s good to rest. To feel the blood in my veins, the air moving in my lungs. Engaged in the symphony of senses. Continue reading “Rising Fire”

The Call

He watched his roommate pace back and forth for hours. Each time he passed the phone, he would linger for the briefest of moments. Unusually bright eyes caressed each curve and dirt stained buttons. He had tried to get his roommate to sit down, to be distracted by the routine they had built up together. Continue reading “The Call”

By A Thread

Migraine time again. So many images sweeping me up into a vortex of cacophonic assaults of light and movement. Many of them, nothing but misfirings of stressed neurons. Something to chuckle at, then discard like a Facebook opinion. But two days after one image in particular, I keep finding my attention drawn back to it. Continue reading “By A Thread”