Just For You, Keri

“So, I hear you’re looking for something audacious to do.” My eyes open gently at the words. I am sitting cross-legged on the ground. A black feathered cloak is draped over my shoulders and wrapped around me. I had been in a different headspace and was now confused by my surroundings. I saw I was seated on a six pointed star that had been inscribed within a large circle. Cream white candles sat where each point touched the circle. Outside the circle, the world was hazy, as if I was looking through semi-opaque glass.

I knew at once where I was at. Continue reading “Just For You, Keri”


For the past 45 min, Facebook has refused to accept any input citing database issues. For once, this is a good thing. The amount of unrefined rage that has been bubbling over in my soul for the previous hour had begun to twist at the fabric of my being. I had attempted to pour some of the overflow onto a status, and quickly realized that I was trying to force into an incarnation of legible combinations of consonants and vowels, a potent magic spell. Continue reading “Playtime”

An Unsettling Answer

This morning, I gave an honest answer to what I suppose is a hypothetical question. It’s a question I face every morning, every evening, and every time my family reminds me of what my true worth to them. It’s an answer that is not politically correct. I’m told it is not medically correct either. It’s so disturbing to some, I have been privately told I need to be incarcerated in a hospital and forcibly medicated to save me from myself.

What makes this amusing is the question. “How do you keep on living when you don’t want to?” Continue reading “An Unsettling Answer”

Ain’t This Some Shit

The dream started as dreams do, with much theoretical randomness made manifest in shapes, sounds, and colors that have as much meaning as white noise. I knew it for what it was and allowed myself to bounce along the glittering and the spiraling with all that glorious Mad Hatter air. But there was a sense of distraction to the entire scene. Much like how one hides themselves from the recent bad news by going to a play.

Well then, I guess I better stop the goofing off and start dealing with this shit. Continue reading “Ain’t This Some Shit”

The Painful Messenger

Ah migraines. I don’t get them as frequently as I used to, having learned how to deal with the myriad sources of stress in my life. I usually have means to bring them to heel once they have started, but the one that started yesterday just wouldn’t behave. The month of reduced sleep caught up with my ass, and feeling my skull collapse into itself warned me the next 36 hours were going to be a wild ride.

Did I mention my migraines come with hallucinations? No? Continue reading “The Painful Messenger”