To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

So I have some imagery rattling around this skull of mine, and I’ve got to write it down and capture it before I start mumbling as I do my day job. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been so tired lately, I’ve stopped dreaming. I know most folk don’t care if they dream or not, only if they have nightmares, and even then they quickly banish the imagery by the time they have gone to take the morning piss.

But for me, after three days of not dreaming, not even the regular nonsense dreams, I’m crawling up the wall. Continue reading “To Sleep, Perchance To Dream”

Wanna Hear A Secret?

I’ve skirted around the issue on Twitter and here on my blog many times. Have placed so much between the lines, there are acres between the furrows. On a few occasions, I’ve actually come right out and said things plainly, but apparently, not plainly enough.

For my regular readers, I apologize for stating the blatantly obvious. Continue reading “Wanna Hear A Secret?”

Let Go

Work is caught up. The roommates are out for the day. My daughter is attempting to break her fingers playing video games. Time to take a break, and take a much needed nap. It’s hard to wind down again. Thoughts of what I still need to do once the nap is over keep intruding. I try to place myself in a light meditation, but my scatterbrained mind keeps grabbing at worries.

“Let go.” The voice comes from far away, like a half-remembered dream. But the words are relevant to my worries, so I comply. I release every thread of worry, including the worrying about worrying, and the worrying about not being able to sleep. But one, by one, the worries return. Continue reading “Let Go”

Q: Full Feed or Post Excerpt

So, you folks have been reading my blatherings long enough to see that my norm is at least 2,500 words. Anything less is some pithy snark or a blatant plea for interaction. (Like this one.)

Now that I’ve been picked up by an anthology (Practical Pagans, check them out), I’m harassing even more people than I thought I would. (Also. Hello!)

I know I fussed before about full feeds versus summaries, and at the time, I was in favor of full feeds because my offline RSS reader only saved the summaries. Since, then, I spent a precious $2.99 and picked up the full version of Byline for my iTouch. I parted with my money because the full version will load the entire post on sync if it detects the RSS feed only has summaries (if it doesn’t autodetect, you can manually set it).

Then I really started looking at the RSS clients you folks use when accessing my blog, and saw most of those will do the same. So, there went my one gripe about full feeds versus post excerpts.

My question to you brave and bored folks that are still reading this far: Do I continue posting the entire 2,500 word entries entirely in the feed, or just the 50-100 word excerpts?

You don’t have to comment on this post. (If you’re reading the anthology, you might not be able to. Click on the post title in the anthology to come to my blog.) I’m also harassable by Twitter:@BandedNagini, Facebook (Kerian.Nox), and Google+ (Kerian Nox).

I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo this year. ~rubs hands in malicious glee~ Just to warn you.

Has The Dreamer Awoken?

So hard, falling asleep. Perhaps it is from the past several weeks of too damn early mornings, and too damn late evenings. Even my nonsense dream count has faded. So trying to fall asleep, maybe I’m trying too hard. Because of the tensions in my house, I don’t feel safe. So I’m always on guard. Always keeping an ear out for sounds of trouble. As such, the normally very comfortable bed feels more to me like a pallet of concrete. The soft sheets feeling more like steel wool.

If only I had someone that would be alert for me. Someone at hand that I could give my trust to. Someone to watch over me. Continue reading “Has The Dreamer Awoken?”

Just Another Boring Update

So. Boo. I’m still here, much to the chagrin of my enemies. Excuse me while I haughtily laugh at them. Ha. Ha.

I had been trying to keep a posting schedule of once a week, dream or not. Obviously that went by the way side. A client project took priority and the week was spent hiding away from the sun, overseeing data transfer. The project is not complete, but enough has been done in the initial drive that we now have more time to look over the details. Because you know, there is always something broken in the details.
Continue reading “Just Another Boring Update”

68 and Counting

Tallied up the feeds I’m tracking with Google Reader. 68 blogs. And I read each and every post they release. Good thing they don’t all post every day. But because I do read them, I’d like to promote them, or at least admit that this plebe can handle the occasional hard word.

~looks at Blogroll to the right~

Hmm. I don’t think listing 68 links there is going to do good.

I considered using a plugin to pull the links from my Google Reader account, but all those I looked at will only feature those that have recent updates. Which pushes those that publish only monthly (or less) in the the nebulous background.

I’m somewhat sleep deprived (again), so I’m going to blather Plan A here. Dwell on it for a few days, then charge forward.

Post all the links on a static page. ~points up~ Next to “Keri’s Q’s & A’s”. Reduce the “Blogroll” to one link that will take you to the static page.

That lets me group the links in a more orderly fashion than one long scrolling list here.

No, you can’t volunteer to be link #69 unless your website is about cooking, magic, interesting, or a combination of those three.

(I haven’t forgotten the Uruz bindrune combo. Uruz + Ansuz + Sowilo. Just haven’t had time to sit and play with it, yet.)

Five Scenes

Waking up this morning, I felt like I had lived through a Twilight Zone marathon. All that was needed was Rod Serling, nursing a cigarette, narrating the end to tie it all together. While some of the episodes have a flow to them, where one obviously follows the preceding, some seem absolutely random. Even still, I’m not sure how to take them as a group. Continue reading “Five Scenes”