Dream: The Midnight Sun

Of the many a vibrant and shifting scene,
‘Tis one that remains long after the dream.
For even as the warming day does begin,
Still my thoughts turn back to deep within,
To the black of the Midnight Sun

For while pondering symbols in the deepest of night,
Wondering when Morpheus would drop my sight,
I glanced out my window at a light unknown.
In my northern window where no light should have shown.
To the black of the Midnight Sun
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Dream: Paint

Nice cool weather, makes me glad I have these paint suits after all. I close the truck door behind me and stretch complaining joints. Another day, another dollar, another job to do. Somebody actually bought the old warehouse and now they have hired me to paint it. All the interior work has been done, rooms and offices created in the empty space. Plumbing and sinks where wanted and where required. But despite all the professional crews the new owners hired to remodel the building, little jack-of-all-trades me was hired to paint it. Can’t figure out why. Continue reading “Dream: Paint”

Dream Denizen: The Bow Wielder

The first time I saw her, was the summer of 2008. I was in the middle of a lucid dream, dealing with some (more) troubling issues when my shadow lifted off the floor and shuddered into existence. She wore my face and my body but at the time, she felt as different and as separate from me as my flesh and blood sister. She glanced at me then returned her attention to the darkness beyond my field of view.

“You know, if you’re going to be serious about this business of occult forces, you need to start learning how to shield and protect yourself.” She took a few steps past me, staring into the impenetrable darkness. Continue reading “Dream Denizen: The Bow Wielder”

Dream: A Turn of Events

I’ve noticed a trend here. All my dreams start with me waking up from sleeping!


“Corporal! Corporal! What do we do?” Fuck, I was supposed to be sleeping. Why is this private pulling on my sleeve? And where is the sergeant?

“Corporal! We’re under attack!” Okay, I’m awake now. I sit up fully in my chair and glance at the clock. Another two hours before my shift begins.

“Where is the Sergeant?” I’m trying to get my bearings, trying to shake off the fog of sleep and remember what I should do. I leave the chair and get my helmet. “Well, where is he? That bastard better not be shagging another punk bitch!”
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