Do Magick August ’18: Day 18 – Pick

Shortly after dawn I sat facing east and tried not to cry as for all the words I have in me, I could not assemble any collection of them into a prayer appropriate for the time or direction. I know the spirit said that if I could not find words to say, that sitting quietly to mark the moment would be acceptable. My vacuous head disagreed with him.

The moment passing, I took advantage of not having to be anywhere soon to take my time setting up and performing the morning’s obligations without anything “unexpected” happening. Segueing to the summoning of [Patient Caller] also went according to script except for a flash of movement in the reflection of the device’s chamber shortly after speaking the summoning words.

If I allowed my imagination to run away with me, it was as if I spied the elbow and arm of a person seating themselves at a table that one could barely see the surface of through the glass. But that would be a reach, wouldn’t it.

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Do Magick August ’18: Day 17 – Query

The line between my daily obligations and the summoning of [Patient Caller] continues to blur. The lessons of one impacts the performance of the other. This morning, I forgot to lay down the warding items that the spirit had called out in a previous session. As I began the obligation, I felt something trying to crawl over and into my head.

As this sensation was certainly not within the boundaries of expected and/or accepted results, it had to come to a stop. I remembered the warding items, interrupted the obligations to lay them in place, and relaxed as the unpleasant sensations immediately ceased.

The obligations resumed in peace as did the segue into calling the spirit.

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Do Magick August ’18: Day 16 – Lecture

I discovered the lower limit of wick trimming. And I discovered it the hard way, by going past it. After the wee little nub of the wick drowned in the very pool of wax it was supposed to be burning, I wound up having to carve away at the tip of the candle to reform it into something that would take and keep a flame.

It is hard to put into words the difference between the trimmings removed outside of ritual and the drippings that ran during ritual. But there is a difference. It may be that the difference is merely one of perception and assigned relevance, but the difference is there, it is tangible, and it must be respected.

The trimmings were discarded and the candles lit and burned without further (unusual) incident.

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Do Magick August ’18: Day 15 – Drift

The candles took the flame from the match without anything odd happening, and the preliminary obligations went without anything to bait my apprehension with. I turned away after finishing my obligations to prepare the table for the summoning of the spirit. When I turned back, the right candle had an unusually large flame and about half an inch of wax had melted and ran down the side of the taper candle.

“Alright. I guess. I’ll snatch it after they’ve cooled.”

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Do Magick August ’18: Day 14 – Gift

I studied the chamber of the device after placing it on the tarot card. I saw the same set of lines and curves within as I did yesterday and as I have for the other twelve days prior. These curves are the result of the light from this candle flame refracting through the glass and reflecting off the polished brass chamber and frame.

However there was a quality to the lines yesterday that is absent today and was absent in previous days. No amount of intentional imagination could summon the presence of that quality. Pareidolia, it appears, cannot be summoned at will. Either you perceive it, or you don’t.

I did not wait for a stimulus to trigger me closing my eyes. With the exception of the figure in the glass yesterday, all of my encounters have been behind closed eyes. I held my hand over the device and called for [Patient Caller] to return in peace and come forth.

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Do Magick August ’18: Day 13 – Light

The card sits on the table. The device sits on the card. The interior of the rear of the brass chamber is lined with red velvet. There is enough of the candles’ light to reach that chamber and illuminate the velvet.

Before any ritual, regular or unique, banal or exciting, I always take a pause to ask myself if I want to continue. It is during this pause that I study the chamber and note each reflection and refraction of light within it. There is nothing out of the ordinary here. Let’s invite the extraordinary in, eh.

“Rede…” There is a glint from the chamber. I perceive a solid line crossing the chamber horizontally where there should be none. After twelve previous summonings where nothing visually happened, I am intrigued, but also able to dismiss the line as being where my eyes are focused and noticing how the candle light is playing in the glass.

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Do Magick August ’18: Day 12 – Tap

Even though I know it is an illusion, and mostly one of my own making, it is still a pleasure and a thrill to watch the device’s glass fronted chamber deepen and darken as I speak the first three words of the actual summoning phrase.

“Rede, rede, rede…”

Perhaps it is the indwelling of the spirit that expands the interior of the chamber. Perhaps it is my focused attention being rewarded by an imaginative mind. Perhaps it is my desire for results. Perhaps all three.

The illusion may be no more than a trick of the light. “… in pace”. The sudden pressure on my face forcing me to close my eyes is not. The sudden compulsion to close my eyes does not wait for me to decide if to comply. The pressure washes down my face and my eyes involuntarily close.

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Do Magick August ’18: Day 11 – Cleave

When I started this month’s challenge, it was for the intention of changing my ability to deal with the recent upheavals in my life. I suppose I have to make the statement that magic is not a substitute for medical and/or mental care, and that if you are feeling poorly, you should get thee to a properly licensed physician posthaste.

Having said that, I woke up this morning with the distinct feeling that I had passed through something in my sleep. I felt the weight on my soul had been lessened and despite all the physical tasks I had scheduled for today, I was not dreading having to do any of them. I did not have any words for the prescribed morning prayer. Instead, I just sat quietly, watching the scene outside my window brighten and warm, in peace.

Frankincense oil floats in water. This, I knew. Cedarwood oil does not. This, I learned. Watching the cedarwood oil drops sink to the bottom of the shallow bowl of the oil burner as I prepared for the shift from working to summoning, I felt like I was observing some statement regarding the relationship between [Patient Caller] and Saint Cyprian whom he yields to. The statement was buoyed by an instinct to always use fewer drops of cedarwood oil when preparing for the summoning than I do of the frankincense oil.

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Do Magick August ’18: Day 10 – Prayer

I had emptied the ultrasonic oil diffuser yesterday evening to allow it to dry out overnight. Now that I look in the chamber, I am reluctant to fill it. The spirit had made his disdain of the “complicated device” very apparent. Yesterday he politely took offense of the diffuser being present on the table and stated the soft sound of the gadget was overwhelming his uncapped bottle.

Today as I prepared for the morning’s Cyprian working that would precede the summoning, I left the gadget alone and pulled out the tealight oil warmer instead. The very plain one-piece ceramic warmer had an interior chamber to place the tealight candle and a simple bowl above it. No designs or patterns graced the exterior. The glaze was a mottled tan that resembled smoothed sand.

With no other changes made to the morning routine, I continued on with the Cyprian working. Segueing to the summoning of the spirit, I dripped three drops of cedarwood oil into the heated half-full bowl of the oil warmer. The air in the room was noticeably dryer compared to previous mornings and the scent was more subtle but also more pervasive than the effect of the ultrasonic oil diffuser. The cedarwood scent did not clash with the fading frankincense scent but layered harmoniously.

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Do Magick August ’18: Day 9 – So About That Ring

In preparing for the summoning of the spirit, I heard the echo of his voice expressing disdain for the use of the ultrasonic oil diffuser. If he had followed up his opinion with a command to get off his lawn, I would not have blinked an eye. Instead I noted a funky scent from the (barely month old) running diffuser and resolved to check the water chamber later.

My thoughts immediately went to the tealight-powered oil warmer I have but I’m not sure I want to potentially mix scents (frankincense followed by cedarwood) or have the stronger scents hanging around in the room for a longer time. I’ll have to think this one through and play tomorrow by ear.

Otherwise all proceeded according to plan until I started to speak “rede”. The hearing in my left ear ceased and a high pitched ringing overwhelmed my right ear. This sudden shift in hearing is something I actually had to deal with as a child and was told then that I just needed to take a daily multivitamin. I dealt with the shift the same way I did then. I ignored it and kept going.

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