RSS Feeds, A Rant

If my posts aren’t looking right in your RSS reader, or if they are limited to first paragraph only (or other such nonsense), do drop me a line and let me know so I can fix it.

Not much irritates me further than finding a great blog to read, and only being able to read it online because the RSS feed is truncated to only the first hundred characters. I don’t always have enough time to read at leisure when online. Often I just have enough time to sync my reader and go.

Read it on my phone, you say? After all, I sometimes tweet from my phone, so why not read it on the go?

Here, let me show you my phone:

Any questions?

If you want to try and read posts that print out for several pages on THAT screen, go right ahead. I want to watch. I’ll schedule the optometrist AND the therapist ahead of time for you.

Of course, if you want to help me out and send me a T-Mobile Comet, I won’t be complaining. I’ll even be nice and buy you a beer. I may even allow you to hold my meerschaum pipe.

Blog and article writers, please have mercy on those such as I that can not afford modern technology (and the data plans that come with them). Put ads in your RSS feeds if you are concerned about losing eyeballs. Please publish full feeds. Thank you.

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