Dream: PSA

I was a teacher at a school. Just caught a kid trying to sneak drugs into the class to sell. Made him stand out in the hall. We just stood there, waiting for the police to show. He was bragging that nothing would happen to him, that he’d be back home that night. I was warning him that nothing is ever hidden forever, and if he didn’t stop this shit, he was going to hurt himself more than anyone else could.

He wanted to yell and scream and argue. After I said my peace, I stopped talking and waited patiently for the police. The other kids were all pressed against the door, trying not to be obviously eavesdropping. I heard them whisper about the boy I caught. Some were expressing disbelief, most were glad he was caught.

The boy continued to be agitated. I asked him if he was okay, he cursed me for making him stand. I asked him if he needed a seat, he said he would accept all weapons. During this time, his face was reddening and his nose enlarging. He started rubbing it furiously.

I asked him if he had taken any of the drugs before I took them away. He only laughed and cursed me more. His nose swelled to twice its size. He went from rubbing it, to scratching it. What appeared to be pimples came to a head on his nose, and his scratching made them leak pus and blood.

He looked at the pus and blood on his hand, then looked back at me. He started screaming how this was all my fault and now his beautiful looks were ruined. I said nothing, but offered him some tissue.

His face was itching him horribly. The bleeding stopped, but now pus was seeping from all the scratched pimples on his nose. Instead of just wiping it away, he squeezed the pimples to force the pus out. The more he squeezed, the larger the infected area.

The kids behind the door had gotten a peek at his face. The door was not completely closed so a few brave kids looked through the thin gap and relayed the action to the others. When the boy stopped wiping to curse at me more, they saw the horrible change to his face. When the information was relayed to the rest of the class, I heard a united “Ewwwwww!”, and a few kids exclaiming they would never take the illicit (and unnamed) drug ever again.

The police have arrived, and the boy is in tears and panic. Whatever this drug is, it deforms and destroys body parts in high doses. He is still mourning the loss of his looks. The police ask me for the rest of the drug, which I hand over. A paramedic also arrives. He looks at the boy’s face and asks him if any other place was affected. The boy just shakes his head, ‘No’. The paramedic tells him he is lucky, and perhaps an artificial nose can be created.

As the paramedic and one of the police officers takes him away, the other officer sticks his head in the classroom. “Anyone else?” “NOOOO!”, the class shouts back at him. The officer closes the door, tips his hat to me in respect, and walks down the hall after the others.

At this point, I become aware and lucid. Chuckling a bit to myself, I open the classroom door. Some of the girls are crying for the boy and his handsome looks. The rest are just sitting quietly, watching me.

“Hey guys, I think we’re done for the day.” Willing the early morning to early afternoon, time passes in the blink of an eye. “How about we start summer vacation one day early?” The class erupts into cheers.

“Class. You are dismissed. Have a fun vacation.”

I wake up, amused.