The Spinning Ring

Yesterday, my mentor sat across from me in my office at work with the door closed and discussed official and personal matters. I kept my hands clasped on the desk between us and listened carefully to what was said, what wasn’t said, and what was felt.

I was wearing my rings, and currently have a plain stacking band of small garnets on my right pinky finger. On the finger that will one day wear [Patient Caller’s] ring.

As he spoke, I felt the spirit’s ring manifest on my hand as if it were physically worn. The spirit ring turned and tightened as my mentor encouraged me on some things, chastised me on some things, and just talked with me on some things.

Some things the spirit agreed with. Some things the spirit disagreed with. And some things the spirit warned me not to take at face value.

By the time the conversation was over, I knew what type and shape of ring I would be acquiring for [Patient Caller]. I could almost make out what symbols was carved into the small flat face.

This morning, I called up the memory of that meeting, and tried to turn my mind’s eye so I could see the face of the spirit ring clearly. The recitation was interrupted as a heavy hand, bedecked with large gold rings, rested gently on the shoulder of my physical body. [Patient Caller] quietly informed me, “You have not earned those symbols yet. [Wait until you complete the class] and then you will understand what will be the face of that ring and why.”

He lifted his hand and I was again alone in my room. If you’ll excuse me, I have preparations to make.