Dream: To See

My dear companion, open your eyes. Come see, come see, we are near our destination.
Yes, I have stopped the camels. Yes, it is before the dawn. Yes, the air is cold. But now is the time to see.
Here, wear my robe. I feel no chill. Here, wear my sandals. I would walk on air for this.
Leave my body behind.
Let my ka roam free.
For the chance to see.

Look here, I have brought beer. We shall drink to the first ray’s brilliance.
But not a sip. Not one taste. Not until Ra Himself views the world.
Must I carry you too? Lean on me then, I will be your staff. I will be your pillar.
I would carry the world.
Let my ha be as stone.
For the chance to see.

No, the camels must remain behind. The flash will kill them in a blink of Ra’s Eye.
Almost to the top of the ridge. It will be an hour before the morning light reaches them.
But it will be mere minutes before it reaches us. We must hurry, my friend. Or I’ll leave you behind.
I love you to pieces.
But I would abandon all.
For the chance to see.

Ah, we have beat the dawn! Time yet to be prepared. Yes, hold on to me. Lest my joy fly me away.
Look! In the valley below, at the river’s edge. Great Temple of Amun! It’s glory blinds me even without the sun.
See how the gold and precious jewels shimmer as the night retreats. Such glimmers on the obelisks and pylons!
But they are as mud.
To the glory to come.
That I have the chance to see.

What is that, you say? The temple is receiving people? No, they are closed until Ra blesses them with morning light.
Yes, I see. They are clear to me as well. Coming from the west, from the lifeless desert sands.
I see so clear now. They bring not offerings of perfume and spices. In their hands are blades unsheathed.
Don’t be afraid.
We are safe here.
All we can do, is see.

Yes, they are throwing fire. Yes, they are ramming the western wall. Yes, they think they are covered by night.
But I’ve been to this temple before, my friend. I know what waits just within. I know who waits for Her Father’s light.
Do not tremble. Join me in mocking western thieves. How dull their blades! How laughable their frights!
For to defy Amun,
Is to join Apep.
Ma’at will end this, you’ll see.

Oh! The East glimmers! Here, take this bowl of beer. Be ready! Do not drink until I say! Not one drop!
Yes, they are still attacking. Do you see me concerned? Why focus on what will die and fade?
So they shake the ground. So they scream and cry. So they chant spells for death and disease.
She waits within.
Her blood is stirring.
Death comes with morning light, you’ll see.

Ignore them. Hold your cup to the East. Behold! The Eye of Ra rises! The Night has ended. The Day begins!
Behold! The Day of Ra is here! The eternal light of Ra falls upon us. Upon them. Upon all that walk the land!
Now drink! Drink deep of the bowl! Spill not one drop! Ra has blessed it, let us drink deep of His blessing!
You feel drunk, you say?
No, not drunk. Alive!
Your eyes are now open! Do you see?

See the river! You thought it water? No, it flows with the ka of the land itself! It shimmers under the Eye of Ra!
See the temple! You thought it stone? No! It glows with the ib of the land! The gold and jewels afire from the Eye of Ra!
See the invaders! How they shrink from the light! They have failed! But their failure is not complete. Not yet.
Hear the roaring?
Her anger awakened.
Death comes now, watch and see.

Ho! The western doors open! How the invaders surge towards the gate. They offer themselves as sacrifice to Amun!
What’s that you say? You don’t understand? How can I be exuberant to see the defilers enter? Listen!
Shh! Listen! Hear the screams? The slaughter has already begun. The women do not mourn, they sing in triumph!
The Daughter of Ra arises,
From attending Her Father.
Behold! Sekhmet comes forward to see!

No, do not worry. We sit high above the valley. We spoke praises to Ra. Derisive taunts to the enemy.
Drink the beer with abandon, my friend, if the truth of what you see distresses you. Our offerings have been made.
I brought much beer. More than you and I can drink. The spice offerings can wait for later. This is Sekhmet’s day.
We sit with the Hosts of Heaven.
We watch Ma’at order the valley.
Sekhmet devours all She sees.

Such blood. Such blood. Such blood that pools o’er the ground. The rains will wash what’s left into the river.
Oh how She drinks, and drinks, and drinks even more. See! Sekhmet is chasing down those that refuse their fate! Ha!
The fire they throw at her, She wears as adornment. They hamstring each other, She eats offering and offerer!
As Sekhmet indulges in blood,
So shall we indulge in beer.
And drink to the slaughter we see.

And still the Temple of Amun sparkles bright with lights. The Eye of Ra revealing the splendor hidden in gold and jewels.
The Temple was never in danger my friend. No invader has ever done more than disturb the dirt without the doors.
But chaos will not be allowed to rule the land. This insult will not go unpunished. Action will be answered with action.
Every thing has its place.
Every action has its purpose.
Know your Will, and see.

Cry praises to Sekhmet! Destroyer! Devourer! From the devastation She has caused, great crops will grow and thrive!
All that lives must die. From their bodies, will come new life again. Even the enemies of Amun give offerings.
Look! Nothing more moves in the valley! Only Sekhmet walks, ankle deep in the gore of the western men.
Hear Her roaring in triumph.
Oh! She looks towards us.
Sekhmet looks at us, and sees.

My friend! Why do you scramble to flee? If She willed our deaths, would we not be dead already?
I pour this bowl for you, Divine Sekhmet! A bowl of beer for the Daughter of Ra! Even if You kill me, I cry out your glory!
Who am I to beg Her for life? I am but a woman myself. The Gods do as they please, at the Temple of Amun.
I feel Her smiling at me.
“Drink”, I hear Her say.
“Drink and honor what you see.”

My eyes were opened by the splendor of the Eye of Ra. My mouth opens at the command of Sekhmet. Everlasting is the bowl I drink.
Knowledge and wisdom and understanding swirl in the beer. My body is made whole. My mind is opened.
Through Sekhmet’s eyes, I see the world. Through the eyes of Death, I see and understand.
Death is but a delay.
Life continues on.
Once you open your eyes, and see.

My friend, my friend! Did you see as I did? My friend? Ah, you have fled. Down the hill, back to the camels, hiding in shadow.
In the valley, Sekhmet returns to the temple. Adorned with fire and blood, I know She will make her offerings to Amun-Ra.
The blood of His enemies. The love of Her soul. These are the offerings of Sekhmet to her father Amun.
Do I make entry?
Make offerings at the temple?
Step through the carnage I see?

My bowl fills with beer again. Poured with unseen hands. I drink to the praises of Amun and His Harvester Sekhmet.
My offerings have already been made. To proceed will cheapen what I have given. What spice is worth more than faith?
I pour a bowl of beer upon the ground. On the southern ridge, I pour out my beer. I bow, and turn back to the camels.
I will rejoin my friend.
In the depths of shadow.
But no light will I need, to see.

The light is ever, in me.

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