Dream: A Little Math

Had a horrid dream last night. I had to workout a math equation in my head. The more I focused on it, the greater the surrounding darkness tried to stop me.

If I diverted my attention to defending myself, the numbers slipped away and I had to start over. I got to the point where I just went ahead with the math and if the Darkness destroyed me, oh well.

So I did the equation, arriving at a result, and converted that result to the proper format. And the Darkness fell upon me and ripped me bodily apart.

I woke up screaming. Was hard to go back to sleep.

The equation?
(108 * 4 * 2)/60
The answer is in decimal minutes. Convert to min:sec for complete answer.

I know what the numbers refer to in the mundane. I wonder if they have an esoteric importance as well.

And yes, my math in the dream was correct.

Dream: PSA

I was a teacher at a school. Just caught a kid trying to sneak drugs into the class to sell. Made him stand out in the hall. We just stood there, waiting for the police to show. He was bragging that nothing would happen to him, that he’d be back home that night. I was warning him that nothing is ever hidden forever, and if he didn’t stop this shit, he was going to hurt himself more than anyone else could. Continue reading “Dream: PSA”

Dream: Of Gods And Water

I’m running. The upper third and ceiling of the hall is lined with pipes. Some of them are leaking steam into the hallway, but I’m not close enough to the venting to be burned by it.

I’m clothed in nondescript clothing. The fabric covers me loosely and adequately. It reminds me somewhat of nurse’s scrubs, except the color is dark sand instead of hospital blue. Continue reading “Dream: Of Gods And Water”

Dream: Volcano Part 1 of 2

It starts out, as all horror/disaster movies do, on a very nice day. My (real) parents, my (real) daughter, and I were enjoying a lazy Saturday doing absolutely nothing. Napping lightly in my bed, the house shakes with a steady, low rumble. Living in earthquake territory in real life, such a low shaking is not even worthy of adjusting the pillow. The four of us quip back and forth to each other about the so-called quake. Continue reading “Dream: Volcano Part 1 of 2”

Dream: Bear, Oh My!

I found myself walking in the Dreaming last night. (One day, I’ll settle on my terminology.) I was walking through a forest, tracking something. Silly me, I didn’t pay attention to the tracks I thought I was following, nor to my surroundings. The trees were talking to me as I passed them, each tree -speaking- a word of a sentence, the complete sentence played out as I passed the stands. Like the whole forest was speaking. Continue reading “Dream: Bear, Oh My!”

Dream: Death & Dancing

At first, there is nothing. I am in the midst of a void, with only my awareness as a companion. Time is nothing here, where ever here is. I panic at first, remembering that once I had 5 senses, and now I have none. It takes an effort, but I force myself to relax. Despite the lack of stimulus, I take comfort in a half-remembered mumble.

“I think, therefore I am.” Continue reading “Dream: Death & Dancing”