Do Magick September ’17: Day 5 – When Is Here? Where Is Now?

All night long I dreamt of performing the ritual. Laying out the gear and saying the prayers. Raising the thin brown book and my hand while reciting incantations. Lowering of the amulet and raising the knife.

At first, the scene was properly linear. First this, then that. The book is lifted before it can be lowered. But the scene broke, and thirty days of morning ritual shattered into overlapping snippets that were physically impossible yet completely understandable.

As long as you let go of the idea of time being linear. Continue reading “Do Magick September ’17: Day 5 – When Is Here? Where Is Now?”

Do Magick September ’17: Day 4 – “You Are Capable”

I ran my thumb over the smoothest side of the small piece of amber, feeling the rippled surface. “Too bad I can’t smooth it with my rough hands alone.” I had originally discounted this particular piece because of its size in the store, but I remembered that the Book of Oberon, along with other grimoires, had methods for scrying using a polished thumbnail. The amber was larger than my own thumbnail, but still small enough to offend my perfectionist sensibilities. How much better to try, then.

I failed to notice during the day how often my thoughts returned to the amber piece I was using for a shewstone along with the larger piece of rutilated quartz. Both stones felt “right” for the task of becoming [Patient Caller’s] dedicated tool, but for different reasons. I could not sort out those reasons in the store, and my time was woefully short, so I purchased both and am using both with the hope that [Patient Caller] himself will sort out which is his preference.

Of course, the cheeky shit is winding around them both. Continue reading “Do Magick September ’17: Day 4 – “You Are Capable””

Do Magick September ’17: Day 3 – Apophenia

Before I get to this morning’s shenanigans, allow me to distract you with a purchase made over a month ago. I had commissioned some canvas bags of a particular size to be made for the storage of particular things. The bags were made, paid for, shipped, and received without incident. Examination of the bags revealed they were each made to my specifications and I have nothing but praise for the crafter.

Yesterday evening, the memory of my morning words to [Patient Caller] came forcibly to mind. I had instructed him to take advantage of my indulgence of apophenia to use synchronicities, happenstances, and outright “spirit voices” to communicate with me during the day. Immediately after the memory was recognized, I was forcibly reminded of a set of crystals obtained at the leading of a friend to help me deal with some unpleasantness at the time. Putting two and two together to make an alternative form of four, I reached into the drawer I just happened to be standing by and retrieved the hand crafted canvas bag holding the two crystals.

Embedded in the exterior of the bag was a sewing needle. Continue reading “Do Magick September ’17: Day 3 – Apophenia”

Do Magick September ’17: Day 2 – I Want To Believe

I have a vivid imagination. Visualization of fictional works comes very easy to me and all my senses join in on the fabrication. But no matter how deep or encompassing the experience, it is still set apart, still “not real”. Because of this, I like to think that I am not easily fooled by what I see in visions and apparitions.

I can always imagine one better.

At least, until doubt settles on my shoulders. Continue reading “Do Magick September ’17: Day 2 – I Want To Believe”

Do Magick September ’17: A Finalization Most Necessary

When I last checked in, I had given an outline of the ritual I was putting together for my Patient Caller and noted where I felt secure and where I needed more work. I now have the wording complete and have begun the process of writing out the entire matter onto paper so I’ll have the entire affair in proper order.

The book is required to be physically present. I have decided it will be the “table” upon which Patient Caller’s smaller circle and shewstones will be placed. (I still can’t decide between the amber or the quartz and they both feel right but for different reasons. So I’ll place them both and observe which is used more and how.) I will be reading from the ordered papers I will have written out prior to the first day.

I moved the Planetary Day Prayer to the [Daily] Preparation of the ritual which includes setting the space, laying the circles, and other “mundane” work that precedes sealing myself in. This includes consecration of the individual tools.

Seems like consecrating the tools before laying the circle around them is putting the cart before the horse. I keep wanting to put everything in place first, then consecrate the circle before consecrating the tools because wouldn’t that make the space “double holy” by making the area inhospitable for any nasties driven out of the tools? There is a lesson I’m going to learn the hard way here, I’m sure. Continue reading “Do Magick September ’17: A Finalization Most Necessary”

Do Magick September ’17: Five Days and a Wakeup

The Objective: To use the Book of Oberon to summon and have communication (communion?) with a spirit that I have had dreams about for years.

The Research: The Book of Oberon (Harm, Clark, & Peterson), Gordon White’s Rune Soup Grimoire Course, the Hygromanteia (Marathakis), Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica, and the internet.

Where I am so far: Having compared the Book of Oberon’s list of “The necessaries for this art of Necromancy”[1], Gordon White’s “Provincial List“, to what I can make and/or obtain in this short time, if the objective were to summon any other spirit, I would have given up the September 1st start date and probably the endeavor in general. To be short: I’m not giving up. Continue reading “Do Magick September ’17: Five Days and a Wakeup”

Do Magick September ’17: Ceci n’est pas un rapport

I have “stuff” for an update to the research phase of my Do Magick project. But it’s going to take me the day to express it in words that y’all will be able to understand.

I’m self-taught, as in tied to a anchor and thrown in the deep blue sea kind of taught. I had no teachers, physical or cyber, for those initial “formative” years. I had only the jumbled contents of my head and a barely intact survival instinct. My initial foray into magic was not for power, love, and/or money.

It was to survive. Continue reading “Do Magick September ’17: Ceci n’est pas un rapport”

Do Magick September ’17: Beginner’s Mind

I’m starting with only the latter third of the month of August left for my formal research period, though I’ve been poking at this topic since the end of June when I participated in a group exercise in summoning a grimoire spirit. It has taken me this long to make the determination to do this thing, and I will admit that listening to the previous winners of the DoMagick challenge has encouraged me to make this my DoMagick: Beginner’s Mind challenge. Continue reading “Do Magick September ’17: Beginner’s Mind”